Random Blog Topic: Sephora Samples

Ever get a sample in the mail and mean to use it but you somehow end up placing it and can’t remember where?  I am notorious for this.  Especially with Sephora samples.  There are no good places in my town to buy good makeup or things like that so I usually shop Sephora online.  Every time you order, you get three free samples in your order, which is great because then I can try new things.  Or shove them somewhere I don’t remember till I find a stash of them like I did the other day.  That is where this random blog topic came from I am sure when BFF picked it.  I had told her that I found a whole mess of samples that I decided maybe I should go through and try them out.  So, I sorted them and placed them in places I would actually use them, like my shower.  I was pretty excited to try them and here is where I ran into a problem.

sephora samples
I love me a good sample but my stash of them is ridiculous.

In my stash, I found several shampoo and conditioner samples so I thought I would try one since I needed to wash my hair anyway.  So there I am ready to wash my hair.  I go to open the packet of shampoo.  I try to tear it open where the little slit is just for that purpose and it opens a fraction of an inch.  I can’t get it open any further.  There is no way I can get the shampoo out with this teeny opening.  So frustrating.  I decide to try my teeth.  There I am, package in my mouth trying to tear or gnaw my way into the shampoo and hope I don’t end up with it in my mouth instead of on my head.  I even try the other side and decide that I am either going to chip my tooth trying or end up with a sudden mouthful of shampoo.  Nope.  Not happening.  Now that the package looks like Ninja Kitten chewed on it,I realize I have scissors in the bathroom. I quickly jump out of my shower and grab my scissors that are in the medicine cabinet and cut the damn thing open, leaving small puddles on the floor in my wake.  Because that isn’t dangerous.  Great.  Now I am going to slip and die naked in my own bathroom just trying to get a stupid shampoo sample open.  Do you think I could sue the company because I died trying to open their sample?  Why are the samples so hard to open?  The manufacturers have to know you are opening these in the shower.  I shouldn’t have to gnaw and chew my way or have Hulk strength to open the sample.

With it cut open, I get back in the shower to finally wash my hair.  I tilt the package and out pours maybe a quarter sized amount of shampoo.  Are you kidding me?  I have long, thick hair and there is no way a quarter sized amount of shampoo is going to wash my hair.  Maybe there is enough for a dude with short hair to use but for sure not for me. I don’ even think there was enough in that package to wash Bubby’s dog or even a hairless cat.  For reals. I try to see if there is more in there.  I squeeze the whole package, even holding it in my teeth to see if I can get more out by milking it down.  Nope.  There just isn’t more in there.  What the hell?  How am I supposed to see if the product is a good one if there isn’t even enough to wash my hair?  I had to add my own shampoo to that smidge to get my hair clean.  So note to shampoo manufacturers:   add more than a quarter size of your product to your sample if you want me to see if it works.  Just saying.  Some of us have more than the hair on a hairless cat to wash.  Oh and make it so I don’t have to slip and die naked in my bathroom just trying to get it open.  That would be great.

Alright so that shampoo sample did not work out for sure, but the power of the sample is real.  How many times have you used a sample and then bought the product or tasted your way through Sam’s Club and then ended up with your cart full of that food?  It is a real thing and companies are super smart to provide samples to customers because it does lure you in to buy a full-sized product.  I mean, I just ordered a facial cleanser due to a sample I got from Sephora.  And that sample was big enough to use more than once which I really liked.  That gave me plenty of times using it to make sure my skin liked it and that I wanted to spend the money on the product.  So see..the power of the sample.  And I didn’t have to try to chew it open to use it.  So the sample saved my teeth and the embarrassment of slipping and dying naked.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I almost died by slipping and falling naked in my bathroom trying to get a shampoo open but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who would like more shampoo than might wash a hairless cat in my sample Running.  The experiment continues…