Family, Food, Fun and Even More Food

Last month, as you may recall, I went to my family reunion…An event I have been planning since December.  Yup.  Someone decided it was a good idea to let the Fat Girl be in charge of an event several states away and involving about 60 people.  Whose bright idea was that?  They probably knew that I would not let there be a lack of food at such and event.  I am sure that is the reason.  Let the Fat Girl take care of the food.  Well, after months of planning, we arrived, ready to take Big Creek by storm with our loud Irish family and spend the weekend together.

We started the weekend by gathering at our Aunt B’s house and lots of harassing, teasing and loudness occurred.  A bunch of us went out to eat (where BFF fit right in hijacking phones and making up statuses on Facebook) and then about 25 of us went to the movies in honor of our cousin Billy’s birthday.  Since he had been a lover of zombie movies, we went to see World War Z…opening night…25 of us.  Pretty sure we took up a quarter of the theater.  It was a great way to celebrate Billy’s memory. Now, BFF HATES those types of movies.  If I want company seeing any type of horror or zombie movie, I usually go with my Bubby and his Pocket GF cuz BFF will refuse to go.  This time, however, she agreed seeing as how most of my cousins were gonna go and she didn’t want to be left behind.  First thing we noticed upon getting to the theater, besides how it was crowed, was the size of the popcorn.  A small popcorn was the equivalent to a large bucket out here in AZ…we could not believe that it was a small.  I was in Fat Girl movie theater popcorn heaven.  It meant I didn’t have to pace myself through the movie and could shove as much of that buttery goodness into my face as possible.  Bring on the greasy stains on my jeans please.  (Huh…that didn’t sound quite right)  Movie started and BFF was anxious about the whole zombie thing, even though I assured her they would not eat her face.  She has an aversion to things eating her face…go figure.  I thought all was good, so I was sitting there, in Fat Girl Buttery Movie Theater Popcorn Heaven, minding my own business when all of a sudden…WHAM! My arm got pulled out of its socket by BFF scared by a zombie jumping out.  I don’t know if I was more upset by my shoulder possibly being dislocated or the fact that in jumping in response to my arm being dislocated, I spilled some of the buttery goodness.  Probably the latter to be honest.  Don’t get between a Fat Girl and her movie theater popcorn I tell you.  Luckily, my shoulder was not dislocated and BFF made it through the movie without her face getting eaten off.  We even laughed when we decided the zombies movie like they were doing the robot.  Pretty sure.

The day of the all day reunion arrived and I admit I was a little apprehensive that we would not have enough food to feed 60 people.  I mean, you ask people to bring food and then you worry that not enough will show up or someone will forget.  Little things like that.  I did not have to worry.  Holy Motherload of Food Batman! We were in a large picnic ramada and ended up filling four huge picnic tables FULL of food.  I am pretty sure that the tables might have been groaning under the weight of all that food.  One of my cousins was standing behind me while we were getting food and he commented “I fucking love my family.  We seriously know how to eat!”  It really is the best thing about our family (besides the company)…we know how to feed a crowd.  There was a whole table full of nothing but desserts.  And let me tell you, the BOYS in my family are the bakers and make the tastiest yum nummies for your tummy you have ever eaten.  Plus, this is the Midwest, so all of this food was so filling.  Pretty sure we all ate our weight in food and then went back for more.  It was a great day.  BFF fit right in to my family, teasing them and randomly hacking people’s Facebooks (learned quick didn’t ya cousins?) through their phones.  It was a great time and we all agreed we need to do it more often…I even got a stripper dance complete with beatbox stripper music by one of my cousins….oh how I love them all.  Also…side note:  How do you just barge in on what is obviously a family gathering in a ramada ad decide to take over half of it?  Are you wearing a green shirt?  Can you not tell we are having a gathering?  Were you confused by the sea of green shirts?  Do you not see my name on the ramada as having rented it?  Ummm…no.  Thank goodness for my Stepmother, who is not afraid to go and tell people to leave.  It was quite awesome.

The Monaghan cousins...I could not have spent my weekend with a better group of people
The Monaghan cousins…I could not have spent my weekend with a better group of people

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did spend the weekend with an amazing group of people I am proud to call my family.  I also needed a bigger pant size after the weekend.  Ugh.  I am Fat Girl full of Midwestern Irish Iowa food needing a bigger pant size and loving my family running.  The experiment continues…