A BIG Reveal (Cue Dramatic Music Now)

Sometimes I feel as if my life is nothing but some wild ride in my imagination.  I cannot even fathom the situations BFF and I find ourselves in, let alone the fact that people actually read my blog, buy my books and that a publisher actually publishes me.  This month has been a whirlwind so far in that realm as I have been preparing for the release of the second installment of my Running Experiment. Yup…you read that right, the SECOND book is due to come out soon my sweet readers.  So open up your pocketbooks and get ready for some laughter.  There are even book exclusive essays for you to read…never published before.  I am so thrilled!!  Thrilled that Inknbeans took another chance on me…a simple Fat Girl who doesn’t mind putting her life out there for you all to read.  Viva la Fat Girl Revolution!!  What?  It’s a thing…I am gonna make it a thing anyways…let’s make it our new hashtag with everything. #FatGirlRevolution  I see it catching on..I wanna see it trend on Twitter because that would be awesome!

In all this prep work that my wonderful publisher, the Boss Bean, has put into my book, has been the discussion of a cover and a book title.  Immediately, BFF said that the title HAD to be The Revenge because all good sequels are the revenge or the return of something.  I laughed and quickly dismissed her title idea because I never thought Boss Bean would go for it.  But BFF does have a point.  I mean sequels are usually about revenge, right?  And since I didn’t go anywhere, the return really didn’t make sense.  Where would I be returning from?  The sofa?  The edge?  The brink?  Where are these places anyways?  I mean do you have to travel to them?  Can you say to your family “Yeah I decided to take my vacation this year to The Brink”?  Pretty sure everyone would flock there and it would no longer be this elusive thing and then we would have to start a travel club and all sorts of things.  Way too much work for me.  I prefer just to be The Revenge.  What do I have to be revengeful about?  Hmmmm….good question.  The sofa?  Cancer?  The Brink?  I have no idea but it is a good idea.  I like to create mayhem, remember, and a Fat Girl Revenge could involve many things but for sure throwing hummus. Why hummus?  Because chickpeas.  That is all.

This week, Boss Bean emailed me the new updated cover for my book. You may have seen what we originally thought was going to be my book entitled The Running Experiment:  A Weekly Walk Away From the Sofa Book 2  Further From the Sofa.  I had that cover posted for a while on Facebook (and if you don’t follow me there or on twitter you are surely missing out!)  but then she told me she had a surprise for me!  Unlike my weirdo BFF, I like surprises.  She sent it to me in my email when I was in the midst of a rousing game of Clue with my Redheaded god-daughters and BFF and there was lots of squealing and jumping up on down…and not on the Reds part.  Best. Cover. Ever.  Wanna see it?  Ok…cue dramatic reveal music here…

Have I said how much  I love my publisher Inknbeans?
Have I said how much I love my publisher Inknbeans?

There you have it!  The cover for the new book!  Squee!  BFF got her wish and the title is one I completely owe to her.  So thank BFF next time you see her for such an awesome book title.  Soon I shall have a preorder link as well to share with you lovelies.  Can you hardly stand it?  I cannot!  I am even dancing now…at work…to celebrate…to Shake It Off of course.  Fat Girl Dance of Joy!

On another slightly revealing note to celebrate, I am down 8.2 pounds on Nutrisystem!  Woot Woot!  Maybe I will be the Skinny Girl Running….nah….I will always have an inner Fat Girl for sure.  But, in one month I have lost 8.2 pounds!  This is the lowest I have been in a very long.  Thank you Nutrisystem for getting me to lose weight, feel full and still enjoy food like I like to enjoy it.  This is a great program and I cannot tout it enough to all you other Fat Girls out there.  They have counselors on-line you can even talk to about things like taking a vacay to The Brink to help you through it.  I mena we have all been there.  So come back from The Brink and Shake It Off….you can do it…I am!

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did get a HUGE surprise in the form of The Revenge but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl coming back from The Brink to have The Revenge of the Sofa AND losing 8.2 pounds Running,  #FatGirlRevolution  The experiment continues…