The Unfortunate Flauta Incident

When BFF and I are in California for our DL trips, we like at least once (of course we would like more) to meet up with the Boss Bean, the C.E.O of Inknbeans, just to have a fun lunch and check in with her cuz we super like her….and she puts up with our brand of crazy.  Plus, I like to say I have a meeting with my publisher.  It makes me sound all important and authory and stuff.  This last trip. we made arrangements to meet up with her for some Mexican food at Tortilla Joe’s (our favorite Downtown Disney restaurant) and she told me to bring the whole crew along so we did…good thing BFFE and her brood didn’t mind.

I have to tell you that when I was having the conversation with Boss Bean about how many of us there were going to be, she didn’t even flinch.  She instead replied she would bring the funny hats.  When we showed up at the restaurant, Boss Bean had beat us (of course) and we met her inside to find gift bags at our seats.  What is this?  Boss Bean always follows through and yes…inside those gift bags were indeed funny hats!  Pirate hats and all the trimmings to decorate them.  Eye patches included.  Needless to say, it didn’t take us long to immediately start to decorate them appropriately and of course wear them.  Because if I took the time to decorate said pirate hat, then I was gonna wear the hat.  Plus, I have always said that DL is one of those places where anyone can wear a silly hat and no one even thinks twice about it.  It really is all about being a kid…big or small.  So pirates we all became during our meal.

BFF makes a pretty awesome pirate with that hair. She didn’t want to mess up the bang.
Nice eye patch BFFE!  So sexy…

BFF and I were sitting surrounding Boss Bean since she was at the head of the table so she got to be entertained by our brand of crazy.  I mean…we are pretty funny.  Just saying.  After stuffing tableside guacamole in our gobs, our lunches came and we all got to eating.  I was pretty proud that I got Book 3 to Boss Bean BEFORE the deadline and before going on vacation and BFF and I were discussing how much of a whip cracker she was while I was writing.  Boss Bean then brings up me doing a 4th book….wait… want another one?  HOLY SHIT.  Book 3 hasn’t even gone to editing and she already is talking about book 4?  How is this my life?  You mean this isn’t just a fluke?  I was flabbergasted to say the least.  As I was shoving food in my gob and sitting there stunned, that is when it happened….the unfortunate flauta incident.

Boss Bean and BFF were animatedly discussing book 4 while I sat there dumbfounded.  Here is how it went down:

Boss who turns to me and says:  “I am going to give you a deadline of next November for book 4 already so get writing.”

Me:  too stunned to say anything so I nod and shove more carnitas in my face.  I might have mumbled something.

BFF calmly shoveling carnitas into her mouth: “Oh good because I already have named the 4th book.”

Boss:  “You have?  Lay it on me.”  Here is where the crucial error occurred as Boss then took a bite of flauta.  Pretty sure you should never eat as BFF says she has an idea…just saying.

BFF matter of factly, her eyes wide and innocent: “Rise of the Recliner.  Pretty sure the recliner should also have a crown and scepter with it” She then shoved more food in her gob as if this was the most natural idea in the world to her.  I adore her.

I look up giggling, also knowing BFF was serious because she probably had been thinking up names for my next book knowing her, in time to see Boss Bean laugh and cover her mouth and nose with her napkin.  She is laughing hysterically and manages to tell us she snorted a piece of flauta up her nose.  This is why we can’t have nice things BFF!!  Luckily all was well and said flauta did not come shooting across the room to ping some poor inncocent unawares customer in the forehead or ricochet off the wall to land in some tableside guacamole.  Also, no Boss Bean was hurt in the naming of book 4.  Despite the unfortunate flauta incident, we all had a grand time with lots of laughs and good food.  I am always lucky when I get to spend time with Boss Bean….she is good people.  And she puts up with me and BFF….that is saying a lot.

Boss Bean doesn’t like to be in the photos (we included her pirate hat to prove she was there) so she took the photo even if BFFE looks like she drank too much rum…

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did however wonder if Boss Bean might as she snorted flauta up her nose but I didn’t die (and neither did Boss Bean thnak goodness).  I am Fat Girl with a BFF you really should not eat around while she is talking Running.  The experiment continues….