Let The Ultimate Ninja….errrr…Geek Fest Commence!

Warning to my readers:  I will be too busy this weekend to blog.  Too busy?  What?  Why you ask?  Where could the fat girl be going?  To the ultimate ninja geek convention…Phoenix Comic Con.  Yup, there I will join other nerds, geeks and dweebs as we scream and rush Wil Wheaton (ok maybe only BFF, Bubby’s Pocket GF and I will do this) commence with bladder training as we camp out to see the cast from TNG, and adorn various costumes that will seem quite normal to us in the geekdom.  Pretty sure I would always dress like Wonder Woman if I could get away with it but I chose to leave that outfit for the bedroom.

What I think I look like in my Wonder Woman costume
What I really look like in my Wonder Woman outfit…not the piece of pizza that always accompanies a fat WW!

Pretty sure it will be the best weekend of Nerdiness of the year.  Here you can see the well sought after but painfully shy geeks come out of their shell as they all flock to the desert to mate which you can tell by the squees of joy that erupt from fan girl and boys as they realize they are not alone in their love for Batman, HP, gaming and all things nerdy.  It is quite the experience if you have never been.  Last year I felt like the normal girl not dressed up but I embraced my inner nerdiness by dressing up for Geek Prom in my Kaylee from Firefly outfit (which yes is packed already for this year).

The cast of Firefly….we shall be returning this year as well! Goram right!

So I shall leave you dear readers for the sweltering heat that is Phoenix…although we seem to freeze in the convention center.  Is it really necessary to have sub arctic temperatures inside?  I mean we had to wear jackets and it was 200 degrees outside!  Thank goodness I wore capris and not shorts cuz I would have been shivering.  Pretty funny though to see Bubby in his Pocket GF’s jacket cuz he was so cold.  That was classic I might say.  This year we are prepared with jackets, a backpack cooler for snacks and drinks to camp out with and even thought about foley catheters to help us out. I for one don’t wanna be the one girl who misses Wil Wheaton because I had to pee for goodness sake.  I would rather deal with a code Wet Pants than that (the original code WP story for another time).   See you when my inner geek is satisfied.  Oh.  And if you hear of Wil Wheaton having a stalker and get a call from me in jail, let’s forget about the whole incident shall we?

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I packed my comic shirts and super hero duds for the most awesome weekend of ninja geek conventions but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl trying not to get arrested as I cut off a piece of Wil Wheaton’s hair so I can clone him and have like ten thousand of his babies running.  The experiment continues….