Trick Or Treat 2 Year Old Style

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays hands down.  I love everything about it including dressing up in a fun costume and seeing all the kids all dressed up. The only thing I don’t like is the actual handing out of candy.  It is too much interaction for me.  I am glad I don’t hand out candy at my house because this requires a lot of people interaction and we all know how I don’t like to do much of that.  Strangers knocking on my door?  Nope.  The other reason I do not normally hand out candy at my house because I usually go over to BFF’s Momma’s house and help out over there.  They live in a neighborhood that normally gets over 250 trick or treaters at the their door.  It is crazy.  They keep count every year so they know how much candy to buy because there are so many.  BFF’s Momma also has a family dinner that I get to enjoy and see all the family.  For those of you who don’t know, BFF and I have been friends for over 25 years so her family is basically my other family.  Her nieces and nephews call me “Aunty 2” and I love it.  So, Halloween night I went over to The Momma’s house to hang with the family and get to see all the babies dressed up.  It was there that I got to witness the 2-year-old experience what she considered trick or treating for the first time.

First off, you have to understand that BFF’s parentals go all out on Halloween with the decorating.  Their house is so awesome complete with a graveyard and they even decorate the porch that the kids have to walk into to get to the front door.  It’s so creepy some kids wont even come in.  But their house is decorated so amazingly that kids from all over the neighborhood come to trick or treat there. I am not joking when I watched vans full of kids being driven up to the house and unloading kids to come to the house. At one point, we had a line of 35 kids to come in the house, all from 3 vans. Whatever happened to just trolling the neighborhoods like I used to do as a kid?  Do kids not do this anymore for hours?  There are so many places to trick or treat anymore that I feel like kids don’t go house to house as much, except to BFF’s parental’s house. I mean I would have trick or treated at their house and I wasn’t even too keen on the idea when I was a child.

However, somehow I got stuck handing out candy since I was next to the door after dinner. My niece had brought over the babies and her 2-year-old was busy watching me do this.  When BFF’s brother came in, Baby B ran over to the door.  She tried to lift the bowl of candy, discovered it was too heavy, and placed it on the floor before handing him a piece saying “Trick of Treat”.  It was so cute.  Pretty soon, there was another knock at the door and I heard Baby B get super excited and say “Trick or treaters?” so I turned and told her to come help me.  She ran over, making little sounds of excitement and opened the door.  I then instructed her to give each kid a candy and she did.  The kids were all very polite and patient as she put candy in their buckets and said thank you to her.  Baby B proceeded to say “You’re Weeecome” to each one and then shut the door.  I thought maybe that would be the extent to her helping, but nope.  Every time someone knocked on the door, she ran over to help, making the same sounds of excitement.  Sometimes, she would ask the kids “You want chocolate?” or “You want candy corn?” in her little voice as she gave out candy but it was always with great joy that she helped.  She would actually stand at the door, looking out, to see if any more were coming so she could hand out candy.  The trick or treaters loved that a little Disney princess was helping to hand out candy and were so patient, even when there were a lot of them.  It really was the cutest thing ever.

The cutest candy helper ever checking to see if more trick or treaters were coming

At one point, her parents discussed leaving to go trick or treat at the mall, but Baby B was having so much fun handing out candy, that they decided to stay.  She thought this was what trick or treating is all about.  Her pure excitement every time she heard someone at the door was contagious and I, the one who does not like to people, loved handing out candy this year.  Does that mean I will do it at my house next year?  Nope.  But with Baby B at BFF’s parentals?  Yep.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did discover a new love of handing out candy for trick or treating as I saw it through the eyes of a 2-year-old but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who didn’t mind peopling for the sake of Baby B Running.  The experiment continues…