Hello? Are you still there?

Hello! *waves sheepishly* Do you remember me? It is just I….The Fat Girl Running and I know you haven’t heard from me in quite awhile. My life kind of got turned upside down and it has taken me a bit to find my bearings. I hope you are still here, eagerly anticipating a new post from me. When I logged on, I half expected a layer of dust needing to be cleaned off in here. I even brought one of those duster thingies. Oh who am I kidding. I don’t clean. I am literally the world’s worst housekeeper. So I wouldn’t have even known where one of those duster things live in my house. No seriously. I wouldn’t. So let me explain something about my absence because you are about to see some changes around this joint (starting with firing the current housekeeper in here. I am pretty sure a dust bunny as big as my car just rolled by). Yup. Change is coming. But just in case you forgot who I was…here is my face.

December brought with it a very sad event and the one for the catalyst of change. Our beloved Boss Bean decided to leave is and go have coffee and chat books with The Big Guy upstairs. Cancer is a bitch my friends. A big, mean spirited bitch and she came around and took our sweet Boss Bean from us way too soon. I lost not only my publisher, but a fantastic friend and mentor in this book world. I will be forever changed by Boss Bean and her believing in me. She is sorely missed. This leads me to what is happening. Book 5 was due to come out in February but obviously that got put on hold when I got the news about Boss and the subsequent news that Inknbeans is to close it’s doors permanently. A slight hiccup to say the least. Hmmmm. So now what you ask? Never fear! The Fat Girl Running and her books will still be around but I will be rebranding them all and republishing them myself soon. This means that the originals will soon be disappearing off Amazon and you will soon hold in your hands unicorn covers! I wish I could say they came with glitter and a fancy horn, but that would make them cost more. I wish I could rig them to explode with a glitter bomb when you opened the covers. Wouldn’t that be awesome? As long as I don’t have to clean it up. Because obviously I would just leave it to make the world a more sparkly place. So look for new covers and hopefully Book 5 and beware of glitter bombs.

A couple of other bumps in the road happened recently that I need to write about to tell you. So more new posts will also be coming. I was rearended and had to get a new car (ugh but a new car!). My Mommy had another trip to the ICU in which certain words were used and I also changed jobs. There also are some trips to my Happy Place that I need to fill you in on, but for now, let’s just say I am happy you are still here. You are still here, right? *peeks around the giant dust bunny that is once again tumbling but now has glitter in it to see* Ok…just checking.

Oh yeah. I didn’t die today. I did drop off the face of the earth for a bit and stumble through life, but I didn’t die. I am Fat Girl still wondering if I can dig glitter bombs in my book covers Running. The experiment continues…

Ch-ch-ch-ange is Hard Even for Me But Necessary

We all feel the need to change things periodically like our hair, our wardrobe or our furniture.  So, in that spirit, you will see some changes coming shortly to the blog site!  I decided it was time to be a growned up author and update things around here.  I got inspired at Austin Book Fest being around all those real authors and started looking at all the fun swag they offer readers.  I also started looking around at their different websites to get ideas.  And ideas they are coming!

First thing first…the blog is NOT going away.  I am just giving it a fresh look.  You will notice two things right away:  the web address has changed and the name has changed.  No worries if you use the old web address cuz it will redirect you here which, by the way, is the same site with a different name!  The new web address is so easy to remember:  thefatgirlrunning.com!  Go ahead.  Try it out…I will wait.  Oh look!  It brought you right back here!  Magic!  This will make you sharing the blog with all your friends and family so easy.  I mean, really it is much easier to remember!!  It is even easier for me to write down and tell my own people about.  You will also notice the blog name changed from the running experiment to The Fat Girl Running.  It is a little sad to get rid of this name, but let’s be honest.  This blog really has not been about a running experiment for a long time.  It really is just an experiment with my life that I share with you.  It is with a tiny bit of sadness that the original name I started with on my journey is changing, but I too must admit it has changed and move on.  So I am trying to keep everything easy to remember and The Fat Girl Running is just easy to remember…plus it is how I am known to everyone.  Sharing just became easier than ever to do with all your peeps so get on it already!

A few more changes will be coming around soonish….the look of the blog site will soon change and one exciting thing I am going to add is a store!  Yes, I am gonna cater to your online shopping needs with all things Fat Girl you could possibly desire.  I am planning some exciting merchandise so be on the lookout!  Of course, signed books will be available!!  Yahoo! No dead bodies to purchase, but maybe if you are good, I will put some Skittles in there.  So see…change isn’t all bad or hard.  I am super excited by this new change and cannot wait to show it all to you.

One more thing I wanted to share with you…I recently had the great opportunity to participate in a two great charity events.  The author I idolize, Colleen Hoover, started a business that donates all the profits to charity called The Bookworm Box  and she is actually opening up a bookstore in Sulpher Springs, TX  where all the books are signed and all the proceeds are donated to charity.  What a fantastic idea!  Colleen is a genius!  She asked for authors to donate signed books and 4 of  my little beauties are currently on their way to Texas to be used in her store or part of her book box service…whichever she decides.  I highly encourage you to check out her website.  The second charity event is an online book auction on Facebook called 4 Paws for Piper to raise money to get a service dog for a special little girl with epilepsy.  You really should check out this auction that will be held in May…so many HUGE authors are offering up signed copies of their books to be bid on and mine are included!  I realize I won’t bring in as much money as Colleen Hoover or Tarryn Fisher, but I am there and you can bid on my books!!  Please go check out this auction…it is for a great cause!

Change is good….hard even for me but good.  And giving is even better.

Oh yeah…I didn’t die today.  I did decide to make some rather BIG changes to the blog site and participate in some charities but I didn’t die.  I am The Fat Girl who got inspired to be all growned up as an author Running.  The experiment continues…