Weirdos At The Theater

BFF and I love to go see live musicals and one of our favorites is Newsies.  If you remember, we saw it over a year ago and had a weird experience where people in Tucson didn’t dress up.  At all.  Well, when we heard it was coming back, we got tickets to the show in Phoenix (AKA the Devil’s Butthole) and were super excited to go.  So we planned a trip and decided to throw in a baseball game while we were down there.  In case you didn’t know, both of us are huge baseball fanatics so we can’t pass up a chance to see one live if we have the opportunity, especially to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play.  Even if it meant a couple of days in the Devil’s Butthole.  But baseball and Newsies with my BFF?  A good time had by all…till we ran into weirdos at the theater.

Aren’t we the cutest baseball fans ever?  Pretty sure.

The baseball game was great as expected because baseball.  Even though we lost to the Dodgers, we had a great time.  We ate some amazing food and had fun with all the people around us and then walked back to our hotel.  The next night was Newsies and we were so excited to see it again.  If you haven’t seen this one, you really really should.  Disney does an amazing job with musicals and this one is no exception.  So, BFF and I got dressed up appropriately in nice dresses and went to the theater.  This is where the weirdness began.  Is there some unspoken rule now that people don’t dress up for the theater anymore?  I mean, we were not in fancy dresses because it was a mid week show, but we were still in nicer dresses.  People were in shorts and flip-flops, jeans and t-shirts, even kids were in every day sloppy clothes.  The exception was the one little guy we saw all dressed up in a Newsies costume, which was AWESOME!  We should have taken a photo of him because he was so adorable, complete with Newsies bag for papers and all.  Seriously adorable and obviously a fan.  Also, ladies…when you were a dress, make sure your bits and pieces are covered.  I do not need to see most of your arse while we are at the theater. So many girls had on the shortest dresses.  Please save that for other events, like hooking on the street.  I guess I don’t get it.  I was always taught that you dress up for things like the theater or the ballet.  Apparently, when it is hot out, people in Phoenix don’t do that either.  I still feel that you shouldn’t wear shorts and flip flops and a golf visor on your head to the theater.  Nope.  Have some respect and wear at least church clothes, especially when you pay good money to see a Broadway show or a ballet.  Although BFF did point out that some of those people might wear exactly that to church.  Am I just old-fashioned?

Appropriately dressed for a Broadway show.  Bits and pieces covered.

Once in our seats, BFF and I started looking through our playbills and talking about how excited we were to see the show.  We were there early, so for a bit, our seats around us were empty.  Some ladies soon showed up and one larger girl took the seat next to BFF.  And by took the seat, I mean she almost sat on BFF.  No, wait.  She did sit upon her at first.  So there is poor BFF scooted over as far as she can get in her seat towards me and the gal sitting next to her has turned to talk to her friend and in doing so, pushes up against BFF even more.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  I realize that she was a bigger girl, but so am I and I don’t sit upon people or squish them!  BFF is quite perturbed at this point and quietly I offer to switch her seats but she shakes her head.  I think we were hoping the gal would notice she was practically sitting on top of her.  Nope.  She sure as heck did not notice.  Squishy Lady just kept on talking and then she flipped her hair.  Right in BFF’s face.  BFF was now quite done and said to her in a polite yet bitchy tone “Excuse me but you just flipped your hair right in my face.”  OH!  Now the lady noticed she was sitting right on top of her and moved and apologized.  Thank goodness.  Otherwise BFF would have been squished right up against me for the entire show.  I was afraid she would be trapped there all night, unable to pee, drink water or even breathe.  I might have had to rescue her if the lady had not moved.  We even snapchatted about it quietly (Follow me there for fun stuff!  Snapchat name:  ladymiryaa).  BFF was finally free of the Squishy Lady next to her and we settled back to talk a bit before the show started.  And that is when I noticed the guy sitting next to me.

I hadn’t noticed him before because I was plotting on how to free BFF from the Squishy Lady so that my BFF wouldn’t be a squished little pancake BFF.  But after the Squishy Lady quit squishing her, I reached down to get some water to drink and noticed the man next to me.  The man who had removed his shoes.  Excuse me?  Is this real?  Yes, you read that right.  He had removed his shoes.  And not flip-flops, regular dress shoes.  So, there he sat in his nice dress clothes and his socks.  Hello!  You are not at home in front of your TV.  You are at the theater.  With other people.  You can’t just remove your shoes and fill the theater with your foot funk.  I nudged BFF and tilted my head at the Socked Wonder sitting next to me.  She looked down and then at me in horror and disgust.  Have I mentioned we both hate feet?  Seriously he had his shoes off!  I mean what the heck.  Who does that?  BFF quietly leans towards me and says “You win.  That is disgusting.”  Yahoo?  I won!  Not sure that I wanted to win that competition of having the worst weirdo sitting next to me at the theater, but I did.  Ugh.

Despite the weirdos at the theater, BFF and I had a great time in the Devil’s Butthole for a couple of days.  And go see Newsies!  Hopefully you won’t have your own version of Squishy Lady and Socked Wonder at your show.  And please, for my sake, dress nicely and cover your bits and pieces.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did discover that people are weirdos at the theater but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who doesn’t squish people or take off her shoes at the theater Running.  The experiment continues…

The Time BFF and I Try to Adult and I Try to Conquer Childish Fears

April is BFF’s birthday and we like to try to find something fun to do and this year, I treated her to go see the Broadway production of Disney’s Newsies in Tucson.  We love going to Broadway shows and Newsies is one of BFF’s favorite musicals.  So we set out to spend a couple of fun-filled days in Tucson and hit the road.  A road trip with us involves lots of singing, laughter and stopping to shop at every outlet mall we can find…no joke.  BFF and I can shop like nobody’s business and we love a good outlet mall.  We literally stopped at two on this trip.  Once in Tucson, we checked into our hotel and decided on what to do while we were there.  We decided it would be fun to go to Old Tucson Studios, an old west movie studio before going to see the show the next day.

Neither one of us had been to Old Tucson since we were younger so we really could not remember what it was like so it was fun to explore all they had to offer.  It is a real working movie studio so there were actually places we could not go while we were there because there was a production team scouting locations.  We had a lot of fun walking around looking at all the shops, movie memorabilia and watching a bank robbery and gunfight.  Even though there was a permeating smell of horse poo throughout some parts of the town.  Cuz that is pleasant while you try to eat or breathe.  Mmmmm…I love the smell of horse poo in the morning.  We even caught a fun little show that was a tribute to the songs from films that were filmed there. It was fun seeing all the old film clips and hearing the songs we knew from the movies being sung. Plus it is always good when you can sing Bon Jovi from Young Guns II at any point in your day.

Old Tucson even had a haunted mine and the minute I saw it, my heart started pounding in my chest.  We all remember the last time I went into a haunted house, right?  If not check it out here and see why I got so apprehensive.  BFF started talking to the guys at the haunted mine and I knew she wanted to go in.  She could tell from the fear in my eyes that I didn’t want to go but she gently pulled me toward the opening getting the guy to tell us it wasn’t as scary as I thought. He assured us it was Pirates of the Caribbean scary and somehow I was being led into a haunted mine with a death grip on BFF’s hand.  The guide told us that during Halloween, they hire actors to be in there and jump out at people and stuff.  I believe he heard from BFF “Awesome!” and from me “Fuck that!” at the exact same time and he laughed.  He didn’t really understand I meant every word of that.  Pretty sure BFF will have to get Bubby to go back with her at Halloween to do that because I sure as hell won’t go in it if people jump out at me or chase me or anything like that.  It was bad enough I agreed to go in it this time and felt like at anytime I would either pee or shit myself with fear.  That would be fun.  Of course no one would notice either since it was hot out so the pee would dry and the smell of horse poo would cover up the liquid fear that would fill my unders.  Oh who am I kidding…I almost broke BFF’s hand with my fear but I did it.  I will say that I survived the haunted mine without filling my unders with liquid fear and really felt like I deserved a t-shirt that said so but settled for sharing an Icee with BFF.  We love Icees. Who doesn’t love a cherry flavored brain freeze when it is hot out?

We are going to take over the Old West!
We are going to take over the Old West!
Sharing cherry flavored brain freeze and trying to figure out how to take pictures with the new phone
Sharing cherry flavored brain freeze.  My reward for going into the haunted mine
We don't waste Icee!!
We don’t waste Icee!!

After we played like little kids at Old Tucson, we went back to our hotel to be adults and go to Newsies.  Let me tell you something about BFF and I in case you hadn’t figured it out…we are two big kids at heart.  We don’t adult very often and when we do, it often ends up with something childish happening because we just aren’t good at acting like adults at all.  But we try.  We got all dressed up in our little black dresses and high heels and headed out to the theater at U of A.  When we got there, we noticed something….we were WAY over dressed.  Apparently, people in Tucson do not dress up to go to the theater at night like they do in Phoenix.  Most people (and by most I mean 99%) were in jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, tube tops…you name it that is casual they were dressed in it.  I half expected daisy duke shorts and a half top to be sported by some of the girls complete with hooker heels.  I was so surprised but duly noted Tucson. The next time we come down to a show, we will just come naked or in our pajamas because it felt that casual.  No need to even bring clothes!  We will just do nude showings of Broadway.  The actors won’t even have to picture the audience naked or in their unders to get rid of stage fright, because we won’t wear anything!  So I guess there was no need for us to try to adult that night since everyone else didn’t.  Even though we were over dressed, we had a grand time and the show was AMAZEBALLS!  It is one to put on your list to see for sure!  Do it!  Right now! Hope you had a happy birthday BFF….glad I could share it with you!!

How to tell when there are girls in a hotel room
How to tell when there are girls in a hotel room
Newsies!  Happy Birthday BFF!
Newsies! Happy Birthday BFF!
This is what happens when you ask us to adult.
This is what happens when you ask us to adult.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did try to brave my childish fears by going into a haunted mine and tried to adult by going to a Broadway show but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who is glad I didn’t fill my unders with liquid fear and who got to enjoy cherry flavored brain freeze for BFF’s birthday Running.  The experiment continues…