An Unexpected Water Ride

One of the funnest things about our last trip to Disneyland was how much time BFF and I got to spend with her Nephew.  BFF’s Brother married just over a year ago and his wife already had 4 kids, so we haven’t had much chance to spend quality time with the oldest Nephew (I shall call him Nephew S) in that family and this trip we did.  We discovered that he is one of the funniest dudes and we loved every minute we spent with him.  In fact, a lot of our pics are with Nephew S and it looks like it was just the three of us riding all the rides together.  I mean, we did spend a lot of time riding all the big kid rides with him so I guess that part is true.  On our last day there, we met up with the family inside Disneyland because we had to check out of our hotel and they were staying one more night.  On our way into the park, we get a frantic text from Nephew S asking where we were because he was stuck in Toon Town with the babies.  We quickly told him to haul his butt over to Space Mountain to ride it with us.  So started our fun morning with Nephew S that ended up having an unexpected water ride included in it.

One of the many photos of the Big kids

Nephew S ran all the way from Toon Town to Space Mountain (quite a ways by the way) a and what made it even more impressive is that he has a bum knee.  We waited for him at the entrance of the ride and we all went in to ride it together with lots of screaming and laughing.  The line wait times were next to nothing so we decided to go ride The Matterhorn as well since everyone else was still in Toon Town and BFF and I are not a fan of that area of the park (we swear it smells like pee back there).  We had already ridden this one a bunch of times, but since the wait time was only like 10 minutes, we could not pass it up.  Now if you have never ridden this ride, it is a roller coaster whose cars are like bobsleds and you ride inside a mountain where a Yeti lives. It can be scary and fast.  At the end, you “splash down” into a bit of water but never have I gotten wet in all the years riding it.  The water is primarily there to cool off the brakes on the cars.  Sometimes I might get a few sprinkles on my glasses or in my mouth (Ew.  Dont get me started on the ride water in my mouth.  Sometimes we play a game where we ask each other which ride water we would rather drink. So gross) but never gotten wet like you do on a log ride like Splash Mountain.

Fun Nephew time

I will be honest, this ride to me is scary because of the Yeti but Nephew S loves it and it is his favorite so I was happy to ride it again.  There might have been lots of screaming on my part as the Yeti tried to get me.  As we came down to the end of the ride, we were all laughing as we went into the “splash down”.  All of a sudden, a wall of water came over the bobsled and proceeded to soak all three of us.  And I mean soak.  What just happened?  How the heck are we now soaking wet like we went on Splash Mountain?  In shock, we all turned to each other and I believe I said to Nephew S “Dammit S!  This is all your fault! You wanted to ride this one!” while BFF was asking how that happened and were we going to die from getting water in our mouths.  It was then I realized I might have gotten some of the ride water in my mouth.  So disgusting. We started laughing hysterically as we were not planning on getting wet on that last day but here we were…soaking wet from The Matterhorn of all rides.  As we walked away, we were still asking each other how that happened and I still cannot figure it out.  That ride is not a water ride but trust me when I say we got soaked riding it. We have tried to figure out how this happened.  Was one of us heavier that day because of extra churros?  Were the water levels higher because of the heat?  Would we get hepatitis from the ride water? This may be a mystery that is never solved.

Prior to water experience
Not happy.  BFF’s bang did not survive the ride

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today. I did, however, get soaked on a ride that wasn’t supposed to do that and get ride water in my mouth but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who had a fun time with my nephew but is still wondering when the hepatitis will set in from the ride water Running.  The experiment continues…



The Best Sibling Group Text Ever

My siblings and are pretty close despite our age differences and even though one of us lives in Texas, we still keep in good contact.  As is most of my conversations these days, we text each other a lot.  I actually really like texting because it is less intrusive in people’s lives.  You don’t have to stop what you are doing to take a text message and if you are busy (or sleeping like I do during the day) it does not interrupt you.  Our text messages to each other can be quite funny but when you put us in a group text?  Good lord.  The best things happen.

This particular text message started out because Seester was reading The Fabulist by Dawn Chiletz and in the first chapter she mentions a character with the same name as Bubby.  And in not a nice way but a hysterical one.  So Seester sends Bubby and I a pic of the pages of her kindle where Bubby’s name is used and I immediately start laughing.  Seriously it is that funny.  Especially since the main character of the book begins to describe the dick pic she received from Bubby’s namesake and then she makes fun of his name.  I immediately start laughing but the text message that follows those pictures?  Classic. Pretty sure not every sibling group can have a text message about ball sacks and testicles, but we did.  Only my siblings.

Bubby (after reading the pages Seester sent us):  What the hell?  Wait…that might be something I would do (referring to sending a dick pic)

Me:  I don’t want dick pics from my brother. Like ever.

Seester:  Me neither.  But reading that shit right away was pretty f***ing hilarious.

Bubby:  I’m gonna send pics of my balls to everyone!

Seester:  Oh dear Lord.

Me:  Only our brother would say that #fuckingweirdo.  This is the best group text ever.

Bubby (proceeds to insert a pic of a fake ballsack here.  I think it was one made of chocolate):  Don’t worry.  I only send real dick pics to BIL.

Seester:  So does that mean BIL sent you one he took the other night?

Me:  OMG.  I am dying.

Bubby:  He does have a weird thing about getting the proper angle and always wants my opinion on how it looks. Usually it is just of the twig and not the berries.

Me:  Omg.  I am crying.  Who names a kid your name anyways? (I now proceed to say a little rhyme with Bubby’s name in it that he hates).

Bubby:  I hate you.  Dude seriously.  It rhymes with dance and pants.  Thanks Mom.

Me:  I can’t even

Bubby (then proceeds to send the following pic with this caption): ‘Murica

Yes.  My Bubby sent us this.

At this point, I am laughing out loud in my house all by myself because I can just hear him saying “‘Murica” knowing how much we all hate that phrase.  This patriotic pic also came with a warning from our Bubby not to do a Google image search for the word ballsack. I decided to take his word on that one as I did nt need to be traumatized.  But then of course, I did anyways.  I should have heeded his warning.  Don’t do it.  I know you want to badly right now, but I am urging you not to…unless you too want to be traumatized with those weird pictures.   I might have shared one of those scary pics with my siblings in which I said it was the thing nightmares are made of.  Seester then proceeds to tell us about how a guy in college whipped out his grossly enlarged testicle for her to see and all I could wonder was whether or not other siblings had these type of text messages or if it was just us.  Also, my stomach hurt from laughing.  Oh but it didn’t stop there.

Seester:  He just whipped it out right there to show us his enlarged restive. Just randomly showed it to us.  *testicle…apparently my phone does not like that word.

Bubby:  Hahaha.  Enlarged restive. What the hell is that anyways?  Testicle.  My phone seems to have no such compunction, odd…

Me:  Testicle, testicle, testicle.  Mine either.

Seester:  Restive, restive, restive.  My autocorrect is a picky bitch.  Also, why is ballsack backpack the number one Google search for ball? (obviously she did not heed Bubby’s warning either)

Bubby:  WTF is that?  I don’t wanna know.  I told you not to Google that shit.

Seester:  Scrote N Tote.  I know what Bubby is getting for Christmas.

Me:  This is so happening.

Bubby:  I will kill you.  I hate you both.  Go away.

I might add here he sent us a cartoon pic of a ballsack with smiley faces on them with the caption “Sweet dreams”.  I can’t even begin to tell you how bad my stomach hurt from laughing or how many tears were running down my face at this point.  Leave it to my Bubby to end a text conversation with a happy cartoon drawing of a ballsack.

Go ahead.  I know you want to Google image search ballsack.  But don’t say we didn’t warn you. Oh and the Scrote N Tote?  Totally a real thing.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did have one of the funniest text conversations ever with my siblings that was entirely about dick pics and ballsacks but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who still might buy that Scrote N Tote for Bubby for Christmas Running.  The experiment continues…



When Your Niece Makes You Proud By Breastfeeding…In Public

As you know, when BFF and I go to Disneyland, we quite frequently go with friends and family and as you read the last blog, it was with BFF’s Brother and his family.  We were super excited because not only was this her Brother’s first trip there, but also because the babies were going to be there.  BFF and I have been friends for so long that all her nieces and nephews call me Aunty #2 and now the great-nieces call me Graunty #2.  It is awesome.  Especially since I don’t have any nieces or nephews of my own.  As it was Halloween time at Disneyland, we all decided to go to one of the Halloween parties because they are amazing (if you go during Halloween tie, then for sure get tickets to the party).  One of the exclusive things that happens during the Halloween party is the parade and we made sure we got seated early to watch the special parade.

How stinking cute is she?  

Now, even though it was the end of September, it was freaking hot while we were there.  Like temperatures in the 100s hot.  Even while we were sitting there waiting for the parade, it was hot.  I didn’t even dress up for the Halloween party because I knew I would be  too hot and didn’t want to deal with it.  So there we are, sitting on the curb on Main street, waiting for the parade when Baby B and Baby A showed up and we started entertaining them.  BFF left to go to the bathroom and somehow returned with popcorn (Disney popcorn id the BEST) and shoving popcorn in our gobs entertained us for quite a while.  At some point, Baby A, who is an infant, woke up and started crying.  It was quite apparent that she was hungry and since my niece breastfeeds, she decided to feed her.  My niece, being the awesome Mommy that she is, quickly put the baby to breast right then and there on Main Street.  Being nurses, BFF and I didn’t think anything about it.  At all.  Nor did it bother us.  She was doing what she needed to do…feeding her baby.  In fact, it so didn’t phase us that when her Brother brought it up later, we were shocked.  My niece breastfeeding in public shouldnt bother anyone but I guess it bothered the boys in the group.  Now I am not mad at the boys, just more bothered by the fact that society makes this such a big deal when it shouldn’t be.  Having a conversation with them made me realize how frustrated I am by society making public breastfeeding such a shameful act.  Let’s address the common issues shall we?

Issue #1:  She didn’t cover up.  Nope she sure didn’t.  It was almost 100 degrees. The baby was hungry and it was freaking hot.  Do you want to put a cover over your head while you eat in almost 100 degree temperatures?  Would you prefer she wait, with a screaming infant who could dehydrate till she could get to the breastfeeding area or bathroom in Disneyland.  No.  She didn’t have to.  She needed to feed her baby and did so quite quickly. You try eating with a blanket over your head.  See how you like it.  Are you hotter?  Do you feel like you are suffocating?  Now think about how a baby feels.  All they are trying to do is eat just like you.  There is no need for a cover up.  Period. Do you eat in the bathroom? With all the germs and smells, that sounds so delightful. Makes me want to grab my food and eat in there right now.  Gag.  If it makes you gag and you wouldn’t eat there,  then why should a baby.  That is disgusting.

Issue #2:  She didn’t warn them.  Nope.  Nor did she need to do so.  Do you warn people before you eat?  Do you feel the need to announce to the world that you are about to shove food in your pie hole?  Why should a breastfeeding mother?  This just draws more attention to her when she could just as quickly and quietly put baby to breast without everyone watching her.  Most of you walking down Main Street or sitting there near us probably didn’t even know she was breastfeeding.  So why should she announce to everyone that was what she was about to do?  If you don’t announce before you are going to consume a meal, then neither do breastfeeding mothers have to announce they are about to feed their babies.

Issue #3:  We saw her boob.  So freaking what.  It’s a boob people.  You saw it for a second and only a bit of it while she latched the baby.  Get over it.  If the world would quit sexualizing the breast, then this would not be an issue.  Breasts were not created for your enjoyment.  They were created to do exactly what my niece was doing…feed babies.  All you could see was tasteful sideboob.  If that bothers you, then don’t look.  I see more than that at the beach and with most celebrities at public functions.  Why is it ok for them but not for a mother who need to feed her baby?  Seriously…it is just a boob and the baby needed to eat. Quit your gawking.

Breastfeeding in public should NEVER be shameful.  It should never be something we ridicule or make mothers feel bad about doing.  Women were made to breastfeed their babies.  It should be celebrated and encouraged.  It should be normal.  A woman should not be made to feel ashamed for exposing her breast for a brief second to feed her baby nor be made to feed them in a bathroom.  Women should be allowed to breastfeed in public with no repercussions.  It is ridiculous that we sexualize breasts so much that a woman cannot do the simple natural act of breastfeeding in public.  I applaud all those women who do feed their babies in public without covering up and without a second thought.  I applaud all those that share photos of them breastfeeding on social media.  Most of all…I applaud my niece for feeding her baby on Main Street in Disneyland without so much as a second thought.  Sweet neice…you made me proud.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did stick up for my niece for breastfeeding in public without a second thought but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who says stop shaming public breastfeeding and feed your babies Running.  The experiment continues…

Birthday Pinata Fail

Today is my birthday (insert fanfare music here) and it got me thinking about what might be my most memorable birthday which is actually hard.  I am not big on celebrating my birthday but I have had some fun ones with family and friends.  I tend to do something small with my favorite people and leave it at that.  I don’t do parties.  Even as a kid I wasn’t big on them.  But one party stands out to me because my parentals tried hard to make it a fun one and there was one mishap…the pinata.

I wanted a pinata so bad for my birthday and I don’t even know why.  I just know my parentals decided to fulfill this for me by making me one.  I am also unclear as to how it became a ladybug but it did.  Maybe this was the only shape they could manage or maybe I asked for it (I was a weird kid) but in any case, ladybug pinata it was.  I was so excited to have this creation and I watched as they made a chicken wire shape and used balloons to create the ladybug.   Then they proceeded to paper mache it.  Does anyone even paper mache anymore?  I remember this was such a big thing when I was a kid.  You use a mixture of water and flour or cornstarch and soak strips of newspaper in this mixture and layer them on your frame and let them dry.  It is a long process but as a kid, I thought it was the best.  What kid doesn’t like taking gooey strips of newspaper and making a ladybug?  After it was dried then it was painted and then I had to wait for my party to actually break it.  I was thrilled.  The highlight of my little life right there.

Day of the party came and to be honest, I cannot remember much except for how excited I was to smash that ladybug pinata.  Such a weird thing to let kids do.  You blindfold them, give them a bat or stick and let them swing blindly at a thing filled with candy.  Nothing could go wrong right?  Being the birthday girl, I got first shot at beating the crap out of that ladybug and I was ready.  I swung and hit that ladybug with purpose I tell ya.  I hit it hard and everyone cheered.  But I didn’t break it.  Not one crack.  Other kids got a turn, swinging that bat with all their might and not one crack.  So I got another turn and started hitting the snot out of that damn ladybug.  Nothing.  My Dad finally took off my blindfold and told me to just go at it.  I put all my might into it and did it crack?  Nope.  That ladybug wasn’t give up her delicious loot of candy.  Bitch.

My Dad looked at the ladybug and my uncles and they decided to give it a try.  So there they are…big adult men with a baseball bat beating that ladybug but did she give up the loot that was inside?  Not at all.  Not one crack.  One of my Uncles started wailing on that ladybug and wouldn’t you know it…I got too close in my excitement that he might finally crack open the pinata so I could stuff my face with candy.  Can you hear the sound of that bat hitting my skull?  Yup. That totally happened.  Knocked out at my own birthday party.  And did they get the ladybug open?  No.  I distinctly remember, despite what I am sure was a concussion, my Dad and my Uncles grabbing saws and trying to cut it open.  My parentals had done such a great job with their paper mache that the ladybug was indestructible.  You could have used that thing as a weapon I tell ya.  At some point either with the saw or by driving over it with a truck,. they finally split that ladybug in two and I was able to eat candy to my heart’s content, even if I had a traumatic brain injury from my Uncle (and no I won’t tell you which one….cousins you can guess.).  Pretty sure my parentals never wanted to make me a pinata ever again.  Nor did I ask for one.  Damn ladybug pinata.  Total fail.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I almost did when one of my Uncles gave me a traumatic brain injury with a bat, but I didn’t die.  I am the Birthday Fat Girl who had a ladybug pinata that wouldn’t give up her loot Running.  The experiment continues…

The Power Of A Push

This year, on one of our trips to Disneyland, we got to go with BFF’s Brother and his family.  Her brother had never been to Disneyland so this proved to be quite the fun trip as we love going with people on their first visit.  I love watching their faces light up with excitement as they realize how magical that place really and truly is.  I love riding the rides with people and listening to their excitement.  It is just so much fun.  This trip was no exception.  Plus it was Halloween time at Disneyland which means that they change-up BFF’s favorite ride, Space Mountain to Ghost Galaxy and it is even scarier than usual.  We were all pumped to get on it, especially BFF’s Brother and we all got in line first thing.  What we were not prepared for was for it to be even scarier than usual when we got stuck on it.  Again.

Now if you will recall, BFF and I got stuck on this ride and had to be evacuated off on a previous visit.  Who would have thought it would happen again?  Certainly not us as we got on for BFF’s Brother’s first time ever riding Space Mountain.  If you aren’t familiar with the ride, it is a rollercoaster in the dark.  Completely in the dark, except for the stars and stuff to make it look like you are in outer space.  The ride started like normal and as we started to go down and around, screaming the entire time (especially BFF’s Brother), when all of a sudden, we stop and all the lights come on.  Super sudden.  It was creepy and weird as we all looked around at the ride with the lights on.  We were near the top but did not expect the rails to be so close!  There we sat as the announcement was made that soon cast members would be by to assist us.  Ummm…ok?  So there we were, sitting in a car with all the lights on inside Space Mountain.  We could look down and see how the ride is set up and see other cars on the tracks as well.  BFF’s Brother turned around and asked if this was normal to which we assured him it was not.  I took the opportunity to look around and take some pictures since I had never seen the ride with the lights on before.  Really you would be surprised at how close all the tracks are and it would make you think twice about putting your hands up when you are riding.  It was a little scarey to see how high up we were and how close the rails and the other cars were to us.

Myself, BFF and the Nephew awaiting to see what will become of us
Do you see how close all those other cars are below us?  We are not amused
How the hell are we getting down?
Right below us.  What happened to those two in the front?  Did the other riders eat them?

We waited for what seemed like an eternity for cast members to finally get to us.  We saw other cars leave till it was just us.  Were we going to be stuck there forever?  Would we have to resort to cannibalism to survive? Just when I was starting to panic slightly, two cast members run up to us.  They look at us and one says “Huh.  This car doesn’t usually stop here.  That is weird. This must be the problem.”  Well that statement doesn’t inspire any confidence dude.  Not at all.  He then tells us that they are going to send us down and if we want to ride again to just let the cast member know at the end of the ride and they will keep us on.  Wait.  Wat?  How the hell are we going to get down if the ride stopped?  He then looked at all of us, smiled and told us to hang on because they were going to give us a push.  A push?  What the heck?  What do you mean a push?  How will that keep us going?  We are going to ride down on the power of a push?  I was now slightly terrified as BFF’s Brother turned around and said “Oh My God.  We might die”

A push you say?  Holy Hannah….

With a smile, the cast members indeed push us and our car starts to go.  Wait!  I have never held on so tight in all the times I have ridden that ride.  Faster and faster, it went along the entire ride track…with the lights on.  You could see how close and tight the turns were and it was truly terrifying.  Plus, no music, no sounds of power.  Just us and the car, flying down the tracks to our dooms.  That is what it felt like.  More scary than with the lights off.  Pretty sure you could hear my screams the loudest as we flew through the ride without the ride going.  Of course when we finished, we decided to stay on.  The girl behind the Nephew was terrified and didn’t want to stay on but did because we all did.  I think she was just as terrified as me as the car flew down that track.  Even though that car was the cause of the breakdown, we all decided to stay on and ride again. I might have held my breath a bit as we started back up the incline, but this time, the lights stayed off and we rode it the way it was intended…with the lights off thank goodness.  BFF’s Brother got to experience it in a way most people do not and loved it.  Both times.  I never want to have that happen again.  I think I would rather turn to cannibalism than ride Space Mountain in the dark.  I never want to have that scarey ride again.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I thought I might as we got stuck in Space Mountain and got pushed down but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who rode Space Mountain on the power of a push with the lights on Running.  The experiment continues…

How Halloween Became My Favorite Holiday

I was in an author’s reader group on Halloween where she asked what our favorite memory of Halloween was and it caused me to think.  I mean, Halloween is my favorite holiday but what about it is my favorite memory?  What made it my favorite holiday?  It took me awhile, because as a kid I hated the big deal about it for most kids.  I hated trick or treating.  Such a weird tradition we have here where we encourage children to go up to stranger’s houses and ask for candy.  Who came up with this idea anyways and how did it catch on?  It was in thinking about this weird tradition of asking strangers for candy, that I remembered what made Halloween my favorite holiday. It was my Dad.

I was such an introverted kid that even then, the thought of going up to stranger’s door, ringing the bell and saying “trick or treat” was too much.  Plus, in my town, there was the tradition of telling a joke before they would give you candy.  An introverts worst nightmare I tell you.  To top it off, I didn’t have siblings to go out with and save me some of the pressure.  BFF told me that was the only reason she would go.  Her brother’s did all the talking and she collected candy.  She said once they stopped going, so did she.  I didn’t have that luxury.  I was an only child until I was 11, so I was stuck going out doing this by myself.  I didn’t have many friends either. Nope.  Hard pass.  I would rather stay at home reading a book.  I loved getting dressed up in costume, however the thought of going door to door caused me anxiety.  To help alleviate this anxiety about trick or treating, my Dad decided to come with me.

Now one thing you have to understand about my Dad is that he is a big kid at heart.  This is where I get it from and I love it.  My Dad also never does anything half-hearted.  This being said, he didn’t just decide to come trick or treating with me.  He also decided to dress up with me and not in a lame store-bought costume.  When I was a child, store bought costumes really were not a thing.  Most people in our town, made their own and the kids came up with all sorts of idea for them, I am sure much to the dismay of their parents who then had to figure out how to implement them.  I remember my Mom making me a Raggedy Ann costume, complete with a mop head dyed red for my hair.  Everyone really went all out in our small Iowa town.  My Dad was no exception.  He decided to dress up as Dracula so a cape was made.  Then a white dress shirt had a Styrofoam “wooden stake” attached over the heart with fake blood all around it (he might have used paint for that).  Then, to take it one step further, my Dad made vampire teeth.  Yes you read that right.  He MADE them.  My Dad was a dental lab technician and made dentures, partials and the like for a living, so he made fangs to go in his mouth. They were the same color as his own teeth and looked so real.  My Mom helped him powder him face white and he even used makeup to make blood dripping down the corner of his mouth.  I was so excited that my Dad took all this trouble to go trick or treating with me.  He could have just come along like a normal parent, but nope.  He even slicked his hair back and tried out his outfit with a few early bird trick or treaters.  Judging by the screams, he knew he had gotten it right.

My Dad and I set out to gather candy from strangers.  The Dracula and the traditional Korean girl (I had a real Korean outfit my Dad had brought back from when he was stationed there and I loved wearing it) walking hand in hand.  Dad actually made me excited to go trick or treating.  He went up to the first few doors with me and parents loved the fact that he was dressed up.  Pretty soon, he would just stand back and watch me go up to the doors, sometimes even by myself.  He even solved the joke problem by carrying a joke book in his back pocket and would let me find one to tell.  When he stood back and let me go up to the doors, he was never far from sight.  Usually standing on the sidewalk or in the yard.  Then he got this brilliant idea.  He would stand under trees and scare the shit out of kids who were walking up to houses.  Parents loved it.  In fact, I started pointing out my Dad when they would ask me if I was by myself so they could see him standing creepily under trees waiting to scare children by turning on his best Dracula voice.  Creeper. It was so awesome.  I might have gotten extra candy for my Dad and filled pillowcases.  And yes…I shared with him.

The next year, I wasn’t so apprehensive to go trick or treating, but you know what?  My Dad still went with me.  He continued to go every year even though I was past that phobia by then.  I didn’t mind.  I would have missed him being there to be honest.  Not everyone’s Dad will get dressed up every year as Dracula and go trick or treating with their kids.  My Dad?  He is awesome like that.  For reals.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did however remember what made me love Halloween as a kid and it was my Dad but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl whose Dad dressed up as a creepy Dracula to alleviate my anxiety about trick or treating and in turn made Halloween my favorite holiday Running.  The experiment continues…

Trick Or Treat 2 Year Old Style

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays hands down.  I love everything about it including dressing up in a fun costume and seeing all the kids all dressed up. The only thing I don’t like is the actual handing out of candy.  It is too much interaction for me.  I am glad I don’t hand out candy at my house because this requires a lot of people interaction and we all know how I don’t like to do much of that.  Strangers knocking on my door?  Nope.  The other reason I do not normally hand out candy at my house because I usually go over to BFF’s Momma’s house and help out over there.  They live in a neighborhood that normally gets over 250 trick or treaters at the their door.  It is crazy.  They keep count every year so they know how much candy to buy because there are so many.  BFF’s Momma also has a family dinner that I get to enjoy and see all the family.  For those of you who don’t know, BFF and I have been friends for over 25 years so her family is basically my other family.  Her nieces and nephews call me “Aunty 2” and I love it.  So, Halloween night I went over to The Momma’s house to hang with the family and get to see all the babies dressed up.  It was there that I got to witness the 2-year-old experience what she considered trick or treating for the first time.

First off, you have to understand that BFF’s parentals go all out on Halloween with the decorating.  Their house is so awesome complete with a graveyard and they even decorate the porch that the kids have to walk into to get to the front door.  It’s so creepy some kids wont even come in.  But their house is decorated so amazingly that kids from all over the neighborhood come to trick or treat there. I am not joking when I watched vans full of kids being driven up to the house and unloading kids to come to the house. At one point, we had a line of 35 kids to come in the house, all from 3 vans. Whatever happened to just trolling the neighborhoods like I used to do as a kid?  Do kids not do this anymore for hours?  There are so many places to trick or treat anymore that I feel like kids don’t go house to house as much, except to BFF’s parental’s house. I mean I would have trick or treated at their house and I wasn’t even too keen on the idea when I was a child.

However, somehow I got stuck handing out candy since I was next to the door after dinner. My niece had brought over the babies and her 2-year-old was busy watching me do this.  When BFF’s brother came in, Baby B ran over to the door.  She tried to lift the bowl of candy, discovered it was too heavy, and placed it on the floor before handing him a piece saying “Trick of Treat”.  It was so cute.  Pretty soon, there was another knock at the door and I heard Baby B get super excited and say “Trick or treaters?” so I turned and told her to come help me.  She ran over, making little sounds of excitement and opened the door.  I then instructed her to give each kid a candy and she did.  The kids were all very polite and patient as she put candy in their buckets and said thank you to her.  Baby B proceeded to say “You’re Weeecome” to each one and then shut the door.  I thought maybe that would be the extent to her helping, but nope.  Every time someone knocked on the door, she ran over to help, making the same sounds of excitement.  Sometimes, she would ask the kids “You want chocolate?” or “You want candy corn?” in her little voice as she gave out candy but it was always with great joy that she helped.  She would actually stand at the door, looking out, to see if any more were coming so she could hand out candy.  The trick or treaters loved that a little Disney princess was helping to hand out candy and were so patient, even when there were a lot of them.  It really was the cutest thing ever.

The cutest candy helper ever checking to see if more trick or treaters were coming

At one point, her parents discussed leaving to go trick or treat at the mall, but Baby B was having so much fun handing out candy, that they decided to stay.  She thought this was what trick or treating is all about.  Her pure excitement every time she heard someone at the door was contagious and I, the one who does not like to people, loved handing out candy this year.  Does that mean I will do it at my house next year?  Nope.  But with Baby B at BFF’s parentals?  Yep.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did discover a new love of handing out candy for trick or treating as I saw it through the eyes of a 2-year-old but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who didn’t mind peopling for the sake of Baby B Running.  The experiment continues…