When Bathrooms Attack or How BFF Was A Klutz At Comicon

When BFF and I travel together, there is ALWAYS an adventure. This year at Comicon, it was a rather klutzy one for poor BFF.  We headed down to the Ultimate Geekfest as usual to commune with our peeps and to hopefully stalk some celebrities.  John Barrowman was unfortunately not there this year so we could not stalk him or Wil Wheaton.  After checking into our gorgeous cottage room at our hotel, we headed over to join the craziness that is Phoenix Comicon.  Here is where BFF’s tale of woe begins.  A tale of terror in 2 different bathrooms that ends up with BFF being traumatized by bathroom stall doors and razors.

We were up wandering around where all the celebrities were going to be housed so we could see who to stalk and see where to get our photo op done when we both decided to visit the urination station on that floor.  We go in and go to do our thing.  I hear BFF say “Ow!” kinda quiet and figure she had hit herself somehow.  It happens.  I say things quiet like that all the time, although I swear BFF has supersonic bat hearing.  Once, we were discussing gummi vitamins and BFF said she didn;t like gummi anything.  I proceeded to say under my breath in the quietest whisper “Cuz you’re weird.”  She quickly turned her head and said “I am NOT weird!  I am texturally challenged!” How the heck she heard me is still beyond me to be honest.  But I did hear her say “Ow” as we were in the potty.  I was at the sink washing my hands when BFF came out to join me in the washing.  SIDE NOTE:  What the heck is up with people NOT washing their hands after using the restroom?  Ew.  Do you think your parts are so clean that you don’t need to wash your hands after peeing or pooping?  And then you go and touch things or people.  Gross.  I might have just gagged.  I swear I am gonna create and alarm system that will go off if you walk out of a public restroom without washing your hands so people will know how gross you are.  End rant.

BFF then explained the source of her quiet pain…the bathroom stall door had attacked her.  She had run into it pretty hard with her armand she turned to show me.  Holy Bruises Batman! It had immediately bruised bcause she hit it so hard and was starting to swell a little.  She really did get attacked by the door!  Crazy attacking bathroom stall doors at Comicon!  I even documented the bruise to prove it…you can see the progression and feel bad for BFF’s traumatic experience in the bathrooms at the Phoenix Convention Center.

The grevious injury caused by the bathroom stall immediately after it happened...ouchie
The grevious injury caused by the bathroom stall immediately after it happened…ouchie
Nice shade of purple...day 2
Nice shade of purple…day 2
Day 3...still looks gnarly
Day 3…still looks gnarly

BFF’s other tale of terror takes place in our hotel bathroom.  She is in there taking a shower and I am watching TV, awaiting my turn, when I hear a slew of curse words come sreaming from the bathroom.  Now, BFF doesn’t curse very often and rarely uses the Eff word, so to hear this coming from the bathroom repeatedly was a bit of a shocker for me.  When she finally emerged, still swearing, I saw why.  BFF, in shaving her legs, had somehow managed to shave off part of her fingernail. Now, I did not photo document this grevious injury as I was so horrified that I could not even fathom a picture of it.  Her fingernail was missing a chunk from the middle to a ragged point at the end.  It was quite horrifying and made me shudder with how badly that must have hurt to get wet.  Now I understood the proclivity of profanity that came out of her mouth.  She swears like a sailor when she gets injured.  Words I didn’t even know she knew came out of her.  I helped bandage her up and went to take my shower to discover the inside of the shower looked like something out of Psycho….blood spatters everywhere.  I was in a horror film for sure.  It was so gross to look at for the next few days and I can only imagine what it felt like to BFF.  Klutzy BFF.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did experience how bathrooms attack you and leave you with grevious injuries and considered an alarm system if you don’t wash your hands after using a bathroom (again GROSS) but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl with a klutzy BFF (who can swear profusely) this trip to Geekfest 2015 Running.  The experiment continues…

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