I love hanging out with my work peeps..I have said before that they are like my other family and it really is true. We actually organize events every couple of months to all hang out together and have fun outside of work.  BFF’s unit does this as well and her activities with her unit always involve some sort of outdoors activity like hiking or skiing or some sort.  Ours….well let’s just say they usually involve some sort of alcohol adult activity.  It should say something about my work peeps.  We just like to have a good time!  Occasionally, we will have a family event and recently we all decided to meet up to see the new live action Cinderella movie.  Now you know I was all about seeing this since it is a Disney movie so BFF were totally down.  Remember how I talked about our super close friend that just got married and has the Twins?  We shall now call her Work Bestie or WB for short since she really isn’t a bride to be anymore but is an old married woman about to pop with her next baby girl.  Well, WB, her sister, the Twins, BFF and I all met up for dinner before the movie and then went together to meet up with everyone.  We literally took up two movie theater rows with everyone that ended up coming, which a lot of fun.

WB and the twins sat on one side of BFF and I sat on the other next to one of the boys I work with and his new wife.  When the previews started, Twin A got up and asked if she could sit on my lap and snuggle…who am I to say no to that? So there we are, all sitting together getting ready to enjoy a movie.  Watching a movie with 9 year olds can be quite the adventure.  My god daughters are sometimes the hardest to watch a movie with because Big Red always wants to know what is gonna happen and Little Red can talk the whole way through it.  Having not been with the Twins to the movies before, I was unsure what to expect.  I am sure we all know the story of Cinderella and if you don’t….well then we most certainly cannot be friends.  Apparently, this story line must have not have registered with the girls or they really never aid attention to all the death and dying that happen.  When the Mom says to Ella that she “must leave her”, Twin B turned to BF and asked what that meant.  BFF, being the blunt person she is said to her “It means she is gonna die now”.  Twin B then exclaimed “Oh man!  This sucks!”  Being quite the girly girl that she is, however, Twin B loved the movie.  I think she would like to be the Princess herself and move into the Castle.

Twin A, still snuggled up on my lap, had quite a different reaction to the movie. You see, Twin B is a little bit different from her sister.  She is more the tomboy of the 2, playing sports and preferring to wear pants over dresses.  Twin B is the dancer and all things girl twin.  When all the parents die, Twin A turned to me and said “Why is there so much DRAMA in this movie?  Why is everyone dying?  This is horrible for children!”  in her most dramatic voice she could possibly muster.  Of course, this sends me, BFF and the Murse (that is male nurse for all you non-nursy peeps out there) sitting next to me into giggling fits that are hard to control.  But wait….it just gets better.  When the clock strikes midnight, I hear her say “Well…she’s toast.”  She closed her eyes to avoid seeing kissing and asked why there has to be kissing.  But the best comment was at the magical part of the movie.

You all know the part where the Fairy Godmother comes and turns Cinderella into this beautiful Princess, complete with the jaw dropping gown and glass slippers?  Remember what she says?  The oh so famous phrase of Bibbidi…Bobbidi…BOO is uttered and magic occurs.  We all know this song (which was decidedly lacking in this movie) and I believe I have uttered it when granting wishes myself to my own God daughters.  But really…Twin A took the cake with this one that had me and BFF laughing so hard we both almost peed our pants.  So, here is the Fairy Godmother, creating magic and chaos all in a few flicks of her wand and the gorgeous dress and glass slippers appear.  She waves her wand and utters her famous words.   Twin A, however,  put her own spin on this phrase when Cinderella becomes all decked out and looked at me and said “Bibbidi…Bobbidi…BAM!” complete with a hand gesture to emphasize the word BAM. No truer words were said.  Pretty sure Disney should take the advice of a 9-year-old and change the lyrics of this classic.  I mean, for reals.  I swear we could not stop laughing.  Also, can I put in my order for a Fairy Godmother who would grant me an endless supply of Skittles, pie and waffles?  What more does a girl need?  A little BAM!…and here is your waffle that you can now use as a whipped cream convenance device.  Because any time is a good time for waffles.  Or pie.  A wave of the wand and BAM! Endless supply of pie.  MMMMMMM…pie.  Thanks Twin A for making going to the movies so much fun.  You are never too young to be sarcastic.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did discover the joy of going to the movies with a sarcastic 9-year-old, but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl wishing for a Fairy Godmother to give me a Bibbidi…Bobbidi..BAM! and a waffle Running.  The experiment continues…

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