Being An Adult is Stupid

When we are children, we find all sorts of things to get excited about.  A new bike, sleep over with our friends, a birthday party.  You name it, children get excited about it.  As adults, it is harder to find stuff to get excited about.  We might get excited about a vacation, a new baby, a wedding, but those events also lead us to some stress.  I find it hard to balance the stress with the happy sometimes as I am sure most people do.  We just don’t have that childish joy  that comes with having no responsibility and going on a vacation to say Disneyland,  Don’t get me wrong, I still get excited about these things, but just not like a child.  Children jump up and down, squeal with delight and get really big grins on their faces or double over in laughter.  There is nothing like watching the delight and excitement of a child.  This being said, I have to share with you something that made me happy and excited and also realize how lame I sometimes am.

Because of working nights for so long, a lot of times my body does not like to sleep at night (hence why some of these blogs like this one are written in the wee hours of the morning).  I get these weird bursts of energy at odd times at night that cause me to do things like blog, read, binge watch on Netflix, clean or even surf the internet for midget porn.  The night before a shift, I tend to stay up late so that I might sleep during the day and be well rested for the night shift.  I usually end up binge watching Netflix on these nights and trying not to stuff my gob with mini-marshmallows or a can of whipped cream.  This is a real problem.  How is it that a can of whipped cream can be gone so fast when you just decide to put a couple of squirts in your mouth?  I mean, for reals, you shouldn’t realize that awhile later that the can is empty.  Ugh.  I am just saying I should not be trusted with a can of whipped cream.  True story.

Tonight was no exception to the staying up late before my first shift, binge watching CSI:  Miami and getting weird bursts of energy.  Here it was, a Saturday night, and I was chilling at home.  BFF was called off at work, so she was up late as well, having slept all day. so we were texting back and forth while both binge watching shows.  I got one of those weird bursts of energy and decided to do a little cleaning.  I got new laminate flooring (that is a subject for another blog) a month ago and have been trying to find ways to keep it clean.  BFF and I had bought a new dust mop system and I decided to try it out since my floors needed sweeping…an ongoing issue for those of you with laminate flooring will understand.  The following are our text messages from this whole experience:

Me:  “What are you watching?”

BFF:  “Guess!”

Me:  “Star Trek: DS9 ”

BFF:  “I swear you are psychic!  What are you watching?”

Me:  “Guess!”

BFF:  “Some reality show something”

Me:  “Nope.  CSI:  Miami!”

BFF:  “I should have guessed!”

Me:  “I love binge watching” (I get a burst of energy and decide to get off my flass and get some blood flow back to it and try out the new dust mop system)

BFF:  “Me too.”

Me:  “And I am gonna try out my new dust mop!” (I am putting together said new mop as I typed)

BFF:  “Exciting on a Saturday night.” (At this point I have started to dust mop my floors and am thrilled with the results)

Me:  “Right? Ok…my new dust mop is awesome!  I am so excited!”

BFF:  “Glad you are enjoying your new dust mop so much. Weird but glad you are excited” (I can hear her laughing practically as she texts)

Me:  “Being an adult is stupid.”

BFF:  “That made me laugh!  And I think that is a blog”

Me:  “What is?”

BFF:  “The joy you just got out of a new dust mop and dust mopping your floors on a Saturday night.”

Me:  “Being an adult really is stupid.”

Pretty sure those words have never rung truer.  When you get joy and excitement out of dust mopping your floors on a Saturday night, being an adult really is stupid.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did realize how lame my life has gotten as I got excited over a new dust mop but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl speaking the truth about being an adult Running.  The experiment continues…




2 thoughts on “Being An Adult is Stupid

  1. Boss Bean January 12, 2015 / 10:22 am

    Never miss an opportunity for joy. A good dust mop is…magic. It makes things disappear. Go ahead, feel free to squeee at the awesomeness of that.

    • The Fat Girl Running January 15, 2015 / 10:20 pm

      It makes lots of hair disappear….good lord there is a lot of hair in this house!

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