Want Some Instant Gratification?

Halloween was especially fun this year.  Not only is it my favorite holiday, but a book came out that I have been looking forward to…you may have heard of it.  It is called The Running Experiment:  The Revenge of the Sofa!  Woot Woot!  That’s right…my second book came out this weekend!!  Best last weekend in October ever!  The book went live on the internets and I was thrilled.  So get your copies today…look I will even make it easy for you and provide you with the links. Go get some instant gratification!



Go and get your copy today!  I promise you laughter…and yes a few tears but also lots of laughter.  You know you want to read some stuff that was written especially for the book and never published here at all!!  Also, if you are going to be in the Phoenix are and want a signed copy for yourself and a few extra copies for friends or family, then come on down to the Authors and Artists Event.  It will be held at 2719 S. Reyes in Mesa on November 9th from 3-5pm and I will be signing books and chatting with peeps!  Here is the facebook link:   https://www.facebook.com/AuthorsAndArtists  Check out this great event with 3 authors and lots of art being raffled off for the PEO organization, who own my beloved alma mater Cottey College.  I hope to see lots of fans there…and BFF will be there too so don’t b shy to ask us for a pic!  Bubby, Pocket GF, my Mom, Bestie and BFFE will also be there at some point so you can stalk all your favorite characters from my books!  Fun times!

Speaking of the newest book, Boss Bean once again surprised me and when the book went live, she asked me to check out the “look inside” feature on Amazon.  I did, thrilled I could read my dedication and acknowledgements and then…there it was…a foreword.  Wait…I didn’t write a foreword.  As I started to read, I realized this foreword was written by my Bubby and it is so beautiful that I started to cry.  And not nice pretty cry but ugly cry.  I realized that the love I have for my siblings is shared by them…never say an age difference can’t make you close.  We are proof that it can and it does.  Thank you Bubby…now I almost feel bad about throwing you down the laundry chute…almost.

So hurry…click on the links, buy your copies, bring them to me to sign…what ever you would like.  Stalk me at events.  I like it.  Some call it stalking, I call it love.  Plus, you know you want to read about Elvis, Disneyland, Comicon, and my battle with the Big C.  The one thing that is bittersweet is that the book is dedicated in part to my sweet friend Amy, who bravely lost her battle with breast cancer on Nov 1st so she never got to read my dedication or laugh at the antics in the book.  I am glad my first book brought her so much laughter through her battle.  Her gentle soul is missed greatly by us all that were lucky enough to be a part of her life journey.  God speed Amy…cancer fucking sucks.  So now go by the book for Amy…nice pity plug there, eh?

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did discover this great book had been released this weekend that you are gonna love but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl with a SECOND book that just came out Running.  The experiment continues…

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