Those Three Words…A Year Later

I looked at my calendar today and realized something…It has been over one year ago now that three little words changed my life and my perspective on it.  You never think that one visit to a doctor’s office could change everything you know but it did.  It was one year ago my OB/GYN doc looked at me and said those fateful words:  You have cancer. 

Cancer.  I guess I never realized that that little word would change everything in my life.  Cancer.  It doesn’t define me as a person but it has for sure changed who I am.  Over a year later and that memory is still fresh in my mind.  I do not look like a cancer victim.  You would never know by looking at me that I had cancer…I was lucky and mine was all removed with surgery and no other treatment required.  How did I get so lucky?  I often wonder that myself as endometrial cancer is usually not caught until it has spread.  Mine was caught because of a pesky little polyp.  Thank you polyp.  Thank you little growth for waving hello in my uterus and begging to be removed.  Thank you for causing me to bleed like a stuck pig frequently and often, making me think I was in the movie Carrie.  Little polyp…you saved my life.  I shall name you Penelope Polyp. I wish I could have your shriveled up little polyp body in a glass jar like some creepy scientist to show everyone.  It would be like show and tell…the uber creepy version.  Speaking of uber-creepy, SOTL Man was out waving to me the other day…maybe he has his own weird organ collection in his garage. Wait…you don’t think my Uber-creeper SOTL Man has little Penelope in his grasps do you?  That might be even too creepy for him, but you never know.  I don’t think I want to know what is in his garage for that matter.  I bet he has creepy stuffed versions of the Precious dogs that came before his current little doggie.  This has somehow now taken an uber-weird turn…maybe because it is 5 a.m. and I am at work writing.  Work always makes things weird.  Or maybe it is just me…I mean I did name my polyp.

Cancer.  Who knew one little word would hold so much power but it does.  I never knew those three words could have such an impact on my life.  It changed how I look at life…I take time with things now.  I tell people I love them every day.  I play hard.  I choose to not let those words define me.  Don’t let those words define you if they are ever said to you.  You are not your cancer.  I am not my cancer.  I am just a Fat Girl who happened to have an adventure with my friend cancer.  An adventure in which I kicked it’s ass, but an adventure none the less.  And not one I choose to repeat in my life.  There are lots of adventures that are fun but having your uterus ripped out of you because all it could grow was cancer is not one of them.  So on to more fun adventures I say!  One year cancer free…wow…let’s celebrate.  Who is bringing the uterus pinata and horse head mask? 

One last thing.  FUCK CANCER.  That is all.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did choose not to let those three words said to me over a year ago define me. Change me, yes, but not define me.  I am Fat Girl one year cancer free Running!  The experiment continues…

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