BFF and I Go International…Ignore the News Reports You Might Have Heard

BFF and I always have a great time traveling and this year we broke our Disneyland rut and ventured into new territory…Seattle!  We used a wedding as an excuse, although we were so excited to see this bride-to-be get married as her and her sexy Asian groom are two of our closest friends (plus we think they are adorbs).  Since neither of us had ever been up to Washington before, we decided to do a few touristy things while we were there.  First thing on our list was a whale watching excursion.  Orca whales migrate with the salmon in that area and the time we were going to be there was prime whale watching time.  We were excited to have the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.  Then BFF realized one thing…she was gonna have to be on a boat.  All day.

For those of you unawares, BFF is scared of water.  I mean really she doesn’t swim or like to go near large bodies of water.  At all.  So the fact that she was willing to get on a boat and stay on a boat all day was pretty impressive.  She really knew that she might not ever get this chance again and really wanted to see the Orcas.  So off we went to go have a typical adventure..BFF’s fears and all.  I was slightly nervous about getting on a boat as well, only because I suffer from motion sickness and was really hoping I would not spend the entire time on the boat leaning over the side hurling my guts out.  I preemptively took a Dramamine in hopes that I would be fine and we drove to the dock where the boat was to leave from.  Because that would not be fun for anyone involved, although it might bring the whales to the boat…ew.  Gross.  Let’s just leave that thought right where it is before I gag writing.  We got on the boat and BFF was glad to see that there was a place to sit inside with plexiglass and that they offered lunch (we really do love to eat).  We were still pretty excited despite BFF hating water and me not waiting to barf all day.

Excited but nervous!  PLus smiling helps supress the vmit factor
Excited but nervous! Plus smiling helps suppress the vomit factor

As we traveled on the boat, the Captain told us tidbits about the surrounding islands, including that one island sold for $2 million dollars and didn’t even have a house, dock, power or even a potty on it.  I mean…what is the point?  So the buyer can say they own an island?  Well you can’t even take a poop on your island!  Who would want an island that you can’t poop on?  Where are you going to do that?  In the water?  Just hang your fanny off the edge of the island and poop?  Rich people are crazy if you ask me…I want a place to poop.  Period.  We ate a pleasant lunch on the boat, enjoying the ride, and even BFF said that if we didn’t see whales that at least the boat ride was pretty.  Then, the Captain announced we were leaving American waters and entering Canadian waters in order to catch up with the whales. Wait..what?  We are going into international waters?  Do we need passports? If we get arrested at sea where do they take us?  BFF and I were curious but also wondered what would require arrest when you are whale watching.  But not too curious.  I didn’t want to have to call home and explain I got arrested while we were watching whales and in Canadian waters.  Pretty sure that would be an uncomfortable phone call home.  We realized we should go outside since we were going to see whales soon and we wanted to see Canada…so BFF bravely ventured out onto the bow of the boat to see both.

BFF? Is that Canada you see?

We were singing a few bars of Oh Canada! when the Captain announced the whales were all around us.  There they were swimming along, feeding on salmon, and we got to see them.  A lot of them.  It was an amazing experience I shall never forget.  BFF did well, only holding on for dear life for a while and then got lost in the beauty of the whales.  She even took a video on her phone.  Never have I seen such huge, majestic creatures swimming right along side our boat and I was able to catch it on my camera.  Thank goodness for the burst setting so I could get amazing shots like these:

Best. Shot. Ever. And yes…this is MY photo
Wow…just wow

After we saw the whales, the Captain announced that we had to head back as we had a long ways to go to get back to the dock.  We left international waters, without incident and without getting arrested.  Of course, on our way back, the trip took a turn as only would happen on a trip BFF and I were on…for reals.  The Captain suddenly announced we were going to help a boat in distress and offer to take on passengers.  Even the gal who worked the lunch counter and was making us all ice cream sundaes looked shocked and said that this never happened.  As we approached, we saw a boat on fire…for serious.  On fire.  I swear we didn’t do it!  BFF and I watched as the Coast Guard was putting out the fire and the Captain of our boat offered to take on passengers.  The Coast Guard declined so we went on our merry way, BFF and I wondering how a boat catches on fire (I am sure this fueled some fears for her but she maintained her cool well) but hoping we never had to find out.  I am pretty sure if our boat had caught fire, BFF would have been the first one in the water, dog paddling to that 2 million dollar pottiless island to wait it out there, even if she had to poop hanging her butt off the edge of the island for all the world and whales to see.  And I would have been right behind her….

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did see Orcas in person, ride a boat all day with a BFF who is scared of water, and see a boat on fire but I didn’t die or get arrested in international waters.  I am Fat Girl still wondering who buys an island for 2 million dollars that you can’t take a poop on Running.  The experiment continues…

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