Direct TV or a Tardis? Just Ask My Mom…

We all know how big of geeks me and BFF are, but what I might have failed to tell you, is that my siblings and their significant others are all nerds as well.  It is like one big nerdfest when we all get together.  There is usually not one serious style of grown up shirt amongst us…it is almost as if we are all trying to out nerd each other with our collection of nerdy shirts.  We frequently have discussions that, if overheard by non nerds, might qualify us for a mental institution.  I mean, who really would have an hour long discussion on who was more evil…Darth Vader or The Borg?  I still say The Borg, by the way…they would assimilate Vader’s ass.  See…geeks are us.  Now our parents, are a little less geeky to say the least….especially our Mom.

Don’t get me wrong, our Mom likes good sci-fi like all of us, but she does not harbor the love like we do (I might get my unholy love of reality TV from her though).  She does read a lot of sci-fi books, but is really not into all the shows or movies or pop culture references like we are.  So, sometimes our conversations seem to go a little over her head or she looks at us all like we have three heads each, like that dog on Harry Potter.  I also get my electronically challengedness from my Mom.  I considered it a feat worth dancing and whooping too when I connected my XBox to my TV system all by myself.  Usually, I am that girl that calls her nerdy computer building Bubby to come and do something as simple as hooking up a new gaming system.  My Mom is the same way.  When she got a new TV recently, she called the cable guy to come hook it all up for her…and bless his heart he did.  I completely take after her in this way, so I kind of understand the difficulty she had with my large remote that works everything and is complicated in so many ways…like picking what source will be playing on my TV.  So our nerdiness is slightly lower than my Bubby or BIL, who build their own computers.  I just call one of them to fix mine.

My Mom was visiting me and we were all over at my house when the following incident occurred.  It was one that left us nerdy kids of hers laughing so hard and she sat there looking at us like we had three heads and eventually told us to shut it.  Mom really wanted to know what time some sort of show was on TV that night and was attempting to figure this out through the cable listing.  I have no idea what she was doing with my remote, short of throwing it through the TV, but all of a sudden she was practically phoning to E.T through my TV trying to do so.  My Bubby looked at her and asked her what she was doing and the following conversation occurred:

Bubby:  “Mom?  What in the world are you doing besides making us deaf by the volume of the TV?: (She had hit the volume button instead)

Mom:  “I am trying to find out when that show is on.  I don’t understand this remote at all.  I want to go forward in time.  How do I go forward in time?”

Bubby:  “Mom, you can’t go forward in time unless you have a Tardis” (For those non geeks out there…this is the Doctor Who space time travel machine)

Mom:  “Well, I don’t have a Tardis!  I have Direct TV!”

Pretty sure my Mom thought a Tardis was the name of my cable company, which got me, Bubby and Pocket GF laughing so hard tears were rolling down our faces.  Mom continued to mess with the remote, alternating between making us deaf and calling E.T. or The Doctor, himself, until Bubby took it away from her and found what she was looking for, without a Tardis.  She then looked at all of us, still laughing, mind you, and told us to shut it with a smile on her face.  Mom is obviously not a Whovian.  Good thing she puts up with her geeky nerdy kids.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did, however, discover that my Mom wants to go forward in time but without a Tardis.  I am Fat Girl Whovian geek with a non nerdy Mom who has Direct TV Running.  The experiment continues….

2 thoughts on “Direct TV or a Tardis? Just Ask My Mom…

  1. Cathlin Monaghan Shahriary July 8, 2014 / 9:44 am

    OMG! HILARIOUS! I wish I could have been there. I think we definitely get our sci-fi geekdom from Dad (I mean he is the reason I grew up watching Next Gen). BTW you should have seen the way people looked at me at school when I geeked out super excited for Comic Con talking about Next Gen and Firefly…you would have sworn I was Fluffy (the three-headed dog…extra nerd points for that tid-bit).

  2. Carol July 8, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    As your BIL’s Mom, I proudly let my freak, geek, nerd flag fly. You know it’s true when you realize how happy I was that I got a stuffed Dalek for Christmas one year. Do you remember CompuServe? I used the Internet before HTML was developed. (Aging geeks unite!) My downfall is comics and most Graphic novels. I’m not all that crazy about zombies and vampires but I do know that the three headed dog was Fluffy. I saw to it that Hassan was brought up right!

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