How I Got Disney Diabeetus And a Big Announcement

Goals are a good thing and meeting them is fun and exciting.  Sometimes goals can be challenging.  This last trip to DL, BFF had a goal that I felt was achievable and fun:  Eat something Mickey shaped everyday. But we couldn’t eat the same thing twice.  Totally acheiveable…I mean this is the House of Mouse.  And tons of stuff is Mickey shaped.  So away we went with our goal in mind.

First day was the easiest.  We usually go and eat at the Critter Breakfast at the Storyteller’s Cafe at our hotel….fantastic buffet that has french toast I swear is coated in crack.  But they also have another favorite of mine…Mickey shaped waffles!  These lovely little gems always make me smile.  How can you not smile as Mickey is smiling up at you from your breakfast plate?  It almost is a shame to eat them but they are so good.  BFF gets great pleasure out of biting his ears off first and then going in for the kill and eating his face.  It is quite funny.  She says it is better for Mickey that way because he can’t hear you about to eat his face.  Should I be scared of her?  So early in the day of day one we had already concluded the first step in our goal…Mickey shaped item eaten.  Blam!

Mickey shaped happiness for my tummy
Mickey shaped happiness for my tummy

Day two was a whirlwind and we ended up eating at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ for lunch with our soon to be married friends and Twin A.  This is another favorite place for us to eat as it is all you can eat bbq and damn good bbq at that…I mean hello.  First a buffet and now all you can eat?  I was in Fat Girl Disney heaven!  That was a no brainer.  So as we are sitting eating our fill on bbq chicken and ribs and all the sides, the cast member comes over and gives us the dessert menu.  Oh heck yeah we are eating some dessert.  I mean we are on vacation and it is family style so it wouldn’t be just two of us eating it.  We ordered this giant cookie bake with ice cream and sat their already stuffed to the gills waiting for it to come out.  Holy Giant Cookie Goofy!  Seriously this was a little bit of heaven with a fresh-baked giant pan full of chocolate chip cookie smothered in ice cream and sprinkles.  Bride-to-be tried to be civil by dishing some up on a plate when BFF just took her spoon and dug in…I mean hey…it’s family style right?  Groom-to-be followed suit and we all laughed and joined in….demolishing that dessert in minutes flat no matter how full we were beforehand.

The gloriousness that was the cookie dessert at Big Thunder Ranch...can you see what shape the sprinkles are?
The gloriousness that was the cookie dessert at Big Thunder Ranch…can you see what shape the sprinkles are?
Demolished in just minutes....
Demolished in just minutes….

It was after we were done, wanting to be rolled away from the table when BFF mentions she still has to complete day two of her self-imposed goal for the trip.  Good lord I sure as heck did not want to think about eating anything Mickey shaped at that point.  In fact, the thought of eating something else right then made me want to throw up a little in my mouth.  Good thing Bride-to be saved the day and pointed out that the sprinkles on the dessert were…of course….MICKEY SHAPED!  YESSSSS!  Goal for day two achieved.  Seriously.  We had already eaten so much that even Twin A commented to BFF in the bathroom that she hoped she wouldn’t get diarrhea from all the sweets we were eating.  BFF said she started laughing so hard she almost peed her pants waiting for a stall.  I commented that we probably wouldn’t get diarrhea but we might get diabetes.  Disney Diabeetus as we quickly called it.  Pretty sure that is what you get every time you are there.  Disney Diabeetus.

Day three we discussed what to try new to eat that was Mickey shaped that would of course contribute to our Disney Diabeetus.  There will still lots of options but none sounded appealing until we went to the bathroom in New Orleans Square.  I know, going to bathroom should not inspire you to eat but as we walked by the big restaurant that was located right by the train station, we spotted a little tiny walk up service bar called the Mint Julep Bar.  One I probably have walked by a million times, given that I know where all the potties are in the park.  What caught my eye as we walked by was a chalkboard sign advertising Mickey beignets.  Beignets are these deliecious donuts smothered in powdered sugar so I suggested to BFF that we stop and get some just because they were donuts.  And of course…they were Mickey shaped and delicious.  So not only did we fulfill our goal for that day but also discovered another must snack for us next time.  Also noted, you should not try to talk while eating these as powdered sugar will attempt to live in your lungs causing a coughing fit to end all coughing fits and also end up with both you and BFF covered in powdered sugar.

Mmmmmm....Disney Diabeetus continues
Mmmmmm….Disney Diabeetus continues

By day four, we knew we had one last day to successfully eat something Mickey shaped to achieve our trip goal.  Since we needed to continue our Disney Diabeetus, we decided to head over to the Jolly Holiday Bakery and feed that sugar rush.  It was here we had a hard time deciding on either a brownie or cookie shaped like Mickey but settled on the sugar cookie as we couldn’t resist its softness and we knew from its size we could easily share it.  After rolling away from that table as well, we were pretty proud of ourselves for competing the trip goal, never once duplicating a snack and still leaving several Mickey shaped items that we had not tried.  I mean, we didn’t get a pretzel, ice cream, candy, brownie, candied apple or many many other things.  But we did get Disney Diabeetus.

The final Mickey shaped item of the good
The final Mickey shaped item of the trip…so good

Now that I have made you hungry and carving sugar, I have a BIG announcement to make.  This also is why I haven’t been around as much lately.  Drum roll please… publisher Inknbeans Press ( has asked me to compile a SECOND book!  What?  Yes, you read that right…a second book full of more crazy Fat Girl Adventures and spreading the Fat Girl Revolution around.  This book will also contain more posts that are original to the book and not published on here so make sure you get your copy when it comes out this summer.  Now excuse me while I go do a Naked Fat Girl Dance of Joy throughout my living  room…and maybe sit down and edit/write or something.

Oh yeah, I didn’t die today.  I did complete a goal of eating something Mickey shaped every day of the last trip but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl who has a SECOND book coming out and Disney Diabeetus Running.  The experiment continues….




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    YAY!!! So proud of you!! We were just at Disney last week. Ate waffles and the beignets. YUMMY! And I can’t wait to read your 2nd book!!

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