A Hysterical Encounter Brought to You by Heads Up! (And Of Course BFF and I)

We all know that the funniest stuff happens when BFF and I are together and really I can’t make this stuff up.  On our last trip to DL, we saw several groups of people playing this game on their phones together while waiting in line.  It was nice because the game was interactive with the whole group and not just people with their heads over their phones and not paying attention to who was there.  We had no idea what the game was called except that people were holding their phones on their foreheads and flipping it around.  We somehow ended up talking about it with someone in a line on our last day and they told us it was a game created by Ellen DeGeneres called Heads Up!  We, of course, immediately downloaded this game to our phones and could not wait to start playing it.

Let me explain how it works.  You pick a category and then hold your phone up to your forehead.  Your partner, or group, can see a word in that category and must get you to say that word  using clues without saying the word themselves.  If you get it right you tilt your phone down and back up and it gives you a new word.  You can pass tilting the phone up also to get a new word.  The object is to get as many right as you can in thirty seconds.  It even films you as you give clues or act out words and makes a video so you can relive your traumatic attempts to get someone to guess a word.  It reminds me of the old school game show Pyramid.  So much fun.  We started playing on the train waiting for our dinner and were soon giggling.  I felt like Joey on Friends when he played Pyramid as we played and kept wanting to shout “Paper! Snow! A ghost!” because I am not that great at guessing clues. But we kept at it, determined to get more than a few right.

BFF chose a category called Holiday and we soon began with me trying to guess holiday themed words or phrases.  Poor BFF.  SHe tried so hard to get me to say the right thing.  The phrase was “partridge in a pear tree” and BFF had to do it by humming the song.  She kept humming the song until the last line and I kept saying everything but it.  Here is the conversation that occurred:

BFF:  humming that damn Christmas song and leaving off the last line

Me:  “Seven pipers piping! No! Five golden rings”

BFF:  “NO!  How can you not get this?  Listen again…go lower”  Hums again louder (because that will help)

Me:  “Four geese a laying?”

BFF:  “Do you even know the damn words to this song?” Her voice is rising and we are giggling hard now.  She begins to hum again even louder and trying not to laugh while doing it.

Me:  “Two turtle doves!” I am now yelling answers and making up lyrics “Seventeen ladies leaping! Ten drummers doing something! Is it drumming?  Ahhhhhhhhh! I don’t know!  Two turtle doves!  I swear it is two turtle doves!”

BFF:  giggling has now turned to laughter with tears on both our parts.  “You know why you can’t get this?  Because you HATE Christmas!  Also, you CANNOT COUNT!  You are freaking hopeless! What comes after two in the song?”

Me:  hysterically laughing “Three?  Oh forget it.”

We had tears running down our faces we were laughing so hard and watched the video laughing even more.  We should have saved it because it was truly hysterical.  Needless to say, we hadn’t had another chance to play Heads Up! until today. We are volunteering this week at BFF’s Mom’s school doing the Book Fair since her Mom is the librarian and we are huge book nerds.  We had a lull while kids were in class and her Mom was teaching reading groups on the other side of the library so we decided to play quietly.  Today’s hysterical encounter is brought to you by the game Heads Up! The word I am trying to get BFF to say at this point in the game is simple.  It’s puppy.

Me:  “Oh ok!  This is easy!  Small…furry…every little girl wants one”

BFF:  (in rapid fire hoping I would nod and flip the phone)”A kitten! A bunny! A chinchilla!”

Me:  “Did you just say chinchilla? What little girl wants a chinchilla?”  I have now started laughing uncontrollably and am doubled over and trying to be quiet since we are in the library.

BFF:  also hysterically laughing “Me? So it’s not chinchilla?”  That last part in between hysterical laughing.

I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face and my stomach hurt.  I kept repeating the word chinchilla and we would both go into those hysterical giggles of laughter that you cannot control.  We must have laughed like that for a good five minutes, trying to catch our breath and be upright.  BFF has mascara running down her face because she was laughing and crying so hard. I could hardly stand it.  Of course BFF would want a chinchilla over a puppy.  Of course.  I should have known. Because every little girl wants a chinchilla and not a puppy.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did, however, discover a fun new game to play with BFF that inevitably leads to hysterical pee your pants mascara running down your face laughter.  Thanks Ellen DeGeneres.  I am Fat Girl with a BFF who always wanted a chinchilla instead of a puppy Running.  The experiment continues…..

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