Reminiscing and It Feels So Good….

Since I am about to go for my annual Halloween/Birthday trip to The House of Mouse, I thought I would share with you an oldie but goodie that seems to be getting lots of hits this time of year….It always kind of freaks me out how people find my blog but at least the search terms do not say “skin suit” this time….ew.    So check out my Halloween themed post Costumes Aren’t Just for Skinny Bitches from a few years ago and be glad you aren’t searching “skin suit” on the web…

You can also find this treasure in my book.   If you haven’t checked out The Running Experiment:  A Weekly Walk Away From the Sofa, then why not?  I will also post all the links where you can find the book or if you want it autographed by yours truly, I have copies I can send out. The book is free but the autograph will cost you $19 and that includes shipping.   You just have to message me and I will get your info and stalk you appropriately.  I promise.  It will be glorious!


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Oh yeah…I didn’t die today.  I did discover fun and exciting new ways to procrastinate packing before a trip (like this blog piece) but I didn’t die!  I am Fat Girl shamelessly promoting myself again Running.  The experiment continues….

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