Get Ready to Launch in 3…2…1…

This week has been very overwhelming with good and bad things.  The bad I am choosing, for the moment,  to suppress in the form of Cheetos and Skittles.  The good I shall discuss here.  The book coming out has been so crazy and feels so surreal.  The best thing is that I have had several events recently promoting my book and they have been super successful.   It still feels weird to pick up a copy of my own book and realize I am reading my own writing.  Even better, and also kind of creepy, is searching  Amazon or Barnes and Noble for your own name and it works!!  I felt like I was my own form of stalker as I searched my own name and read reviews of my book.  Is it possible to have a book stalker?  Will I suddenly decide that I need to track my own movements and take pictures of myself to sell to tabloids?  Will I suddenly jump out of bushes at myself?  Creepy I tell you.

To celebrate my first book coming out, I decided to have a party.  Even better is that my Seester and BIL were going to be here for a visit and my Mom was moving to AZ to retire at the same time.  So, perfect timing to have a party.  Of course, that meant some work on my part.  I had to order a cake, books, get a place to have a party, let people know and of course enlist my BFF to help.  Luckily, BFF had great ideas and my Seester has been to a ton of book signings so she also had some great ideas.  Party was planned and people were invited.  Of course, my nerves kicked in and I worried that no one would show up.  I mean who really wants to have an autographed copy of a book by an unknown author?  Who wants to take a chance on this Fat Girl?  I decided it meant that there would just be more cake for me to shove in my gob if no one showed up.  But people did show and I ended up signing a bunch of books, dancing like a stripper and eating cake and Skittles.  Because of course there were Skittles.  My family and friends were all there and people even drove up the mountain from Phoenix to hang out with us.  Bestie brought up a whole car full of people!  So I share with you some images and a few things I learned from having this party:

  1. Let your friends decorate for you.  If not, you will end up with a table full of crayons and attempted craft projects that look like a first grader completed them.  Thank goodness for my Seester and my friends so that my table looked like this1064823_10100413861300708_1318110317_o
  2. Always let your Bubby pick out flowers for decoration.  He is quite talented that Bubby of mine
  3. Try to look professional and NOT at all like photos for signings are staged….this gem came courtesy of Pocket GF
Why hello customer…no you are not at all someone I know…and what the heck is BFF doing in the background?

4.  Skittles make everything better.

Skittles…notice I have ALREADY eaten this package

     5.  Finally, make sure you are surrounded by awesome friends and family that want to celebrate your success and eat as much cake as they can shove in their gobs as you do.  Then you don’t feel like you are just a Fat Girl eating cake all alone by yourself shamefully (not that THIS has EVER happened to me).  You can at least eat cake with others and pretend they didn’t notice you get a second piece.

Pocket GF, Bestie, BFF, my god daughters and moi….
Look! I have three heads! Bff, me and BFFE
Seesters, Skittles and my stoob!

Oh yeah…I didn’t die today.  I did feel like a creeper stalker looking up my own name and ate some cake but I didn’t die.  I am Fat Girl PUBLISHED AUTHOR running.  The experiment continues….

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready to Launch in 3…2…1…

  1. Carol July 17, 2013 / 7:34 pm

    You should convince Skittles to pay you for promotional considerations,

    • The Fat Girl Running July 17, 2013 / 7:40 pm

      Wouldn’t that be awesome? Maybe I could get a lifetime supply without the green apple

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