An Invitation To Meow?

This summer we are having a family reunion back in Iowa (let’s hope Uncle M doesn’t leave Aunt P at the McDonald’s again) and somehow I got stuck being in charge of it.  Who’s bright idea was this anyways?  Who voluntarily puts me in charge of anything?  Pretty sure my family might regret that at some point.  In order to make sure everyone knew about the reunion, I decided that invitations should go out.  And not just any invitations, but I decided being the crafty crafter that I am (I mean I do have a whole room that I call my craft dojo)that only handmade invitations would do.  I decided to enlist the help of another crafty crafter….that of Bubby’s Pocket GF.  We made a date to go to Michael’s, thinking we would be in and out in no time and crafting our little hearts out.  We were wrong. Oh so wrong.

We go into Michael’s and start to try and figure out how we are going to make these invitations.  Now to fully understand this story, you have to understand something.  Bubby’s Pocket GF and I have this habit of meowing at each other.  I do not know why.  I do not claim to understand this quirk, but meowing it is.  Maybe we were cats in a former life.  Maybe we are just crazy. We are crazy cat ladies. Who knows. But there it is. We meow.

Very quickly we realize that we are completely overwhelmed by the thought of making these invitations and had no idea what to do. It also does not help that we get easily distracted by shiny objects and Hello Kitty scrapbook stuff. We must have walked the same three aisles over and over just trying to find everything we needed. I mean how hard is it to find stickers that say family reunion? Apparently very hard. We were starting to get stressed out and bewildered by the amount of stuff in the aisles.

Having found something I thought would work well instead of stickers, I turned to Bubby’s Pocket GF who was standing next to me and quickly meowed at her to get her attention. To my horror, it was NOT Pocket GF standing next to me but a complete stranger. In my confusion and delirium, I actually meowed at her again. She gave me a look that stated I was obviously crazy and quickly moved away from me. Pocket GF, who by now had miraculously appeared on the other side of me probably attracted by my desperate meowing, said “Did you just meow at that lady?” As I started to say yes in fact I did meow at her like a crazy cat lady, all I could do was start laughing hysterically about it. So did Pocket GF. I mean you would have too. Honestly. Who meows at perfect strangers? The Fat Girl does.

Several hours and many meows later, we finally managed to get out of the store and make invitations. We even enlisted Bubby’s help with gluing and such. They turned out pretty darn cute even if my Seester said half of hers was glued on upside down. I told her that meant she won the secret prize of a free Mountain Dew at the reunion. She didn’t believe me. Like I said. ..who put me in charge?

Oh yeah. I didn’t die today. I did however become delirious in Michael’s trying to make homemade invitations for our family reunion. I am Fat Girl who meows at Bubby’s Pocket GF and now apparently strangers in stores running. The experiment continues. ..

4 thoughts on “An Invitation To Meow?

  1. Micol "Alex" Schallon Ritter May 17, 2013 / 10:36 am

    By the end, I was crying from laughing… and I’m at work so I just had to explain myself. Now you’re famous in Napa. Thank you. I needed that. Meow!

  2. Shellie May 19, 2013 / 9:16 am

    I really have to remember NOT to be drinking ANYTHING while reading your blog. LMBO! Gawd I love you!!! Meoooow! :D~ XO

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