Hey BFF…What’s That In Your Pocket?

When BFF and I travel, there is always something funny that happens.  Seriously.You just can’t make this stuff up either.  It just wouldn’t be a vacation without an funny adventure with the Fat Girl.  My recent jaunt to DL with BFF was no exception.  It was a fun trip and I am pretty sure we ATE our way through the parks, but totally worth it.  We literally had planned our trip according to what we wanted to eat and where….I just don’t see a problem with that.  Thank goodness we got a sleeping compartment on the train this time after our adventure last time with the train being overbooked and all.  Nothing like a little closet to sleep in but at least it is a full bed to lay down on and a guaranteed seat.  I highly recommend the sleeping compartment.  It beats listening to the scary Vet scream out at you thinking you are the enemy when he has an episode of PTSD.

First eating stop on our trip was breakfast at the hotel.  We pulled into town around 0730 and the parks did not open until 9am so we decided to go to Storytellers Cafe at The Grand Californian to eat their Critter Breakfast Buffet.  No…we didn’t actually eat critters at the buffet. It just means that giant furry woodland creatures from the Disney movies roam around and interact with you while you eat (this thought is now probably freaking out my Seester who has this irrational fear of such giant furry creatures).  Makes me wonder how early those employees have to get here and do they ever get hungry watching all of us guests eating the yummy deliciousness that is that breakfast buffet?  So mean to them.  But oh so good.  So BFF and I decide breakfast would be the first order of business for us.  On a side note:  make sure you check with BFF before packing a shirt to change into on the train for the day.  Just check and see what shirt she is wearing because otherwise you end up not ONLY wearing the same exact hoodie but the same exact t-shirt for the day looking like BFF Twinsies.  Yup, that was us.  We always pack clothes to change into and extra emergency undies just in case.  Sometimes several pairs.  I mean you never know when traveling whether or not you will get to your destination with your clothes and always better to have clean spare emergency panties instead of none.  Everything else you can wear for several days but not panties.

This leads me, believe it or not, to what happened at the buffet line.  BFF is ALWAYS cold so rarely do you see her without a hoodie or sweater or something like this on over her shirt.  Going up to the buffet line, this was no exception.  On standing there contemplating whether or not to have french toast that is most certainly coated in crack or various pastries to go with our eggs and mickey shaped waffles, BFF has this questioning look on her face and wonders what in the world is in her pocket.  She reaches into her pocket of her hoodie and starts to pull out something that is very much a leopard print.  As we realize that she has spare emergency panties in her pocket, we both gasp and quickly shove them back in her pocket.  Now we are standing at the buffet laughing our fool heads off over the fact that she has what is decidedly a pair of VS panties in her pocket and nowhere to put them.  You see, we got to the hotel so early and checked in that we left our luggage with bell services till our room was ready.  Which means….we have nowhere to put said emergency panties.  I mean, were we supposed to go up to bell services and hand them a pair of panties to be put with our luggage?  Or ask for access to our luggage to put away the panties right there in the lobby?  Pretty sure I was doubled up with laughter as we realized BFF almost pulled out her panties completely right there in the buffet line with all those families and giant furry woodland creatures around. I mean I guess we could have seen if Chip or Dale would have put on the spare panties, but we really didn’t want to get kicked out of the crack french toast line.  Pretty sure BFF wandered around DL that first day with a pair of leopard print spare emergency panties carefully shoved into the pocket of her hoodie until we could get into our room at 4 pm.  Thank goodness they didn’t come flying out of her pocket as we rode California Screaming or something.  Can you imagine someone’s picture from the ride with BFF’s panties in their face?  Pretty sure that would be hilarious.

We most definitely ate our way through the park though.  Flo’s Cafe with brioche french toast covered in caramel, Dole Whip, Twisty ice cream cones, churros, Carthay Circle (home of the most amazing food in both parks), BBQ meat, wood fired pizza…my pants are getting tighter just thinking about it.  The food there is truly nothing short of amazing.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did however think about the best place to pack spare emergency panties when I travel and decide a hoodie pocket might not be the best choice but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl with the funniest BFF in the world and who creates funny adventures when traveling running.  The experiment continues….

One thought on “Hey BFF…What’s That In Your Pocket?

  1. Cathlin Shahriary February 16, 2013 / 9:52 pm

    Hahah!!! Awesomeness with the leopard print panties. And, damnit those furries are completely creepy….you never know who’s inside those things.

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