Enjoy Me While I Am On Vacation

Since I leave tomorrow and will be having way to much fun for one person to handle in DL and eating way to much food, I thought I would share with you my most popular posts from the last year so that you may enjoy me while I am eating walking my way through DL.  Or running for Dole Whip. (Seriously. That stuff is like crack to me)  I mean you gotta have some laughs, right?  So here are my most popular posts from last year:

  1. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Fat Girl Rant…  This post had 194 views and sparked a debate among my readers about the use of the word FAT
  2. How To Discern If A Canadian Is Flirting With You…A Guide For BFF    Poor BFF.  She really has no clue when it comes to whether or not she is being flirted with.  I heart her.  Seriously.  It’s cute.
  3. Victoria’s Secret Can SUCK It!  Pretty sure I still feel this way about VS.
  4. Fat Girl’s List Of The 8 WORST Parenting Skills EVER  This post sparked the most comments on one of my blogs…wonder how many I will see this time while on vacation.
  5. And So It Starts…The Choice NOT To Be Those Three Letters…FAT  The entry that started it all. The creation of the world-wide phenomenon that is now The Fat Girl Running…well in my mind at least.

And just in case you want to read a few posts on my adventures in DL  here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Dreams Really Do Come True At Disneyland…  The most awesomest trip EVER.  Seriously.
  2. Best Butt Dial Ever…Swear! You really must read this one.  My niece and I still laugh over it.
  3. Why The Fat Girl And Haunted Houses Do Not Mix  Code Wet Pants was created this day…pretty sure

So enjoy me while I am gone…I am sure BFF and I will come home with some good tales to tell…because it is not an adventure with the Fat Girl without tales. And I don’t mean furry costume tails. That is something entirely different (anyone else get freaked out by those?)

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  Instead I read some old posts and laughed but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl off to get fatter in DL by eating as many Dole Whips as I possibly can consume running.  The experiment continues…

4 thoughts on “Enjoy Me While I Am On Vacation

  1. RunnerKM February 1, 2013 / 7:35 pm

    I read your blog all the time but have never stopped in to say hi and “I laugh out loud at your blog all the time.” Have fun in Disneyland!

    • The Fat Girl Running February 1, 2013 / 7:36 pm

      I am so glad you took the time to tell me!! I love hearing from my readers and know that I make you laugh. Mission accomplished.

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