The Fat Girl Knows How To Serve Food And Dance (Apparently Like A Stripper)

Again this year, I participated in one of the funnest weekends of the year with my Bestie….the Arizona Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk For The Cure.  Now, I didn’t walk it like I did 2 years ago but I participated on one of the best crews there is…Food Services.  Now I know you are thinking how can Food Services be fun? Hello!  Fat Girl here!  And what does a Fat Girl know about the best…FOOD!  And as long as I can eat some of the food then I can serve the food…pretty sure I am awesome at it.  I mean who better to serve you food than a girl who loves to eat food?  It is like a job made in heaven for a Fat Girl.  This was my 2nd year being a part of the 3 Day crew and I love doing it.  Ok the hours SUCK for Food Services, but we make up for it.  Pretty sure dragging my fat flass up at 0330 was NOT my idea of a good time.  Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person?  Not one iota of me likes to get up early, hence why I work nights.  In fact, I highly do NOT recommend ever waking me up early in the morning unless you want a version of a snarling cat on your hands.  But it was totally worth it to work with the wonderful group of ladies and 2 guys I worked with this year and to serve all those walkers who raised over 2 million dollars to fight breast cancer.

The 2012 AZ 3 Day Food Services Crew…we are awesomely weird!

Seriously, this year our crew was a total blast and they didn’t mind my weirdness.  You have to be weird to get up at 0330 and serve breakfast and not be a snarling cat.  Plus what is better when you have to serve food at that ungodly hour than to be dancing around and singing?  Yup…dancing most certainly occur.  Especially at the end of the day when they are playing party music…the Fat Girl got her dance on.  Although one of my crew did say I should be working a pole….pretty sure no one wants to see my naked fat wrapping itself around any kind of pole.  Plus, have you seen those outfits strippers have to wear?  The thong alone would get lost in the folds I am for certain….we all know how I feel about thong underwear.  Can’t you just see me trying to take it off and it flies across the room and lands in someone’s Bacardi and Coke?  Ew.  Excuse me Sir…that is not a garnish to your drink so can I please have my chonies back?  And then let’s discuss a stripper’s bra shall we….what is the point?  I mean it is not meant to cover anything up and is not meant to support you at all.  And then why wear those pasties over your nipples?  I mean…we all know that your nipples are under there.  Is there something wrong with your nipples that you feel that you must cover them up?  Are they misshapen?  Do they point in different directions and the pasties help keep them under control? Are they 2 different colors? Do you feel like maybe you aren’t naked if your nipples are covered?  Does it make you feel like you have some sort of clothes on if your nipples are covered but your cookah is hanging out for the world to see?  Pretty sure even though I like to walk around my house nude, that no body needs to see the Fat Girl naked.  I don’t even like to see me naked…just saying.

Thank goodness the food service crew didn’t dress like strippers!  We would have froze our nipples off at 0330!  As it was,we danced and made our own fun serving food.  And wouldn’t you know it…my Bestie caught the dancing on video!  Yup.  Proof that I can at least do the Cupid Shuffle now is out there…don’t judge.  Thank goodness she didn’t catch what were apparently my stripper moves…

I must say I made some AMAZING friends who now better hope they don’t mind me writing about them (insert evil laugh here) because I am sure there will be more antics as I made fast friends with several of the gals (especially you S!)…and even found out via Facebook after the 3 day that I am related to one of them!  How weird is that?  Pretty sure one of the crew is married to my cousin….Crew:   I will let you figure out who!!  These gals met me just after I buried Billy so it was wonderful that I could get such support from total strangers who didn’t mind if I was crying, laughing, dancing or just being weird me.  It was just what I needed to heal my soul.  And thanks gals for letting me cry when I needed it and for not minding my random dancing.  My weirdness was celebrated and found other weird souls to commune with…if you have never volunteered for a 3 day, I highly encourage you to do so…you will NEVER regret it. Oh and girls…this is our new song to dance to:

Oh yeah… I didn’t die today.  I did however make some new friends and got my Fat Girl dance on volunteering for a great cause.  I am fat girl practicing my stripper moves for next year running.  The experiment continues….

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