Random Acts Of Weirdness

Ever been by yourself in the privacy of your own home and find yourself with nothing to do?  This is when Random Acts of Weirdness usually occurs in my house.  And I mean random AND weird.  I know, I could spend this time cleaning, doing laundry, organizing, napping, or even eating but I do random ass stuff.  Even sitting here writing, I always choose to listen to music as I do so cuz it inspires me.  Yesterday I listened to a great mix of my FAVORITE band Duran Duran and today the choice is my Glee playlist.  Now, the best thing ever happened the last week on Glee….they did a rendition of two of  Duran Duran’s songs and it was AWESOMENESS!  Ahhhh…it took me back to the 80s and I could feel my bangs get higher, my hair bigger and bracelets up my arm.  You must listen to it.  I am proud to still call myself a Duranie after all these years.  And yes….I did have HUGE hair in high school.  But let’s not go there.

But what do I usually do when a good song comes on? Pretty sure I think I am the baddest most awesome dancer EVER and dance around my office.  And I don’t mean just in my chair which also sometimes occurs.  I mean full on dance around my office with clothing being optional.  Yup.  Sometimes I dance naked in my house just because I can.  Naked Fat Girl dance of joy is a real thing here people.  Try it sometimes, just put on a great song and dance naked.  It’s pretty freeing.  Just make sure your blinds or curtains are closed.  I have made that mistake before and now several children in the neighborhood that need therapy.  When I am not dancing around to music, sometimes I am the actual singer of the song playing and pretty sure I just won a Grammy for my musical stylings.  No need for The Voice or American Idol here because I am that good.  Pretty sure that usually my brother and I have a band that is awesome and are getting those Grammys together.  At least in my mind.  Car dancing is another thing that occurs along with singing VERY LOUDLY even with the windows down so don’t be shocked if you see me doing those things as I drive around town.  My seester and I have been known to car dance together and we are pretty awesome at it.  What?  Don’t tell me you don’t do those things too. I just happen to be the one admitting it!  Ninja Kitten is usually my only witness to these random acts of weirdness and usually I tell her about them too.  Yeah.  Pretty sure I am becoming the crazy cat lady.  Next thing you know I will be chasing children out of my yard with squirts from the hose or threatening them with a shotgun.  You didn’t have that experience as a child?  Oh lord.  I did.  Ahhhh….the benefits of growing up in the Midwest where practically everyone owns a gun and knows how to use it.  Trust me, we did not go into that yard again.  EVER.

As a child, random acts of weirdness were encouraged as imagination or thought of as fanciful.  Pretty sure that is not the case as an adult.  I am quite certain that if anyone caught me in a random act of weirdness, that I might be committed to the loony bin.  Crazy Cat Lady I tell you.  It is my worst fear.  But there is something freeing in doing a random act of weirdness such as dancing when no one is watching.  It can make you forget all about your fat girl issues and body image.  It can make you feel sexy, happy and make you smile.  And isn’t that what life is all about…finding your joy?  If finding your joy comes in something as random as dancing naked in your house or singing at the top of your lungs no matter who is listening, then I say go for it!  Try it..go on.  I dare you.  Put on your favorite song and dance around the room.  I won’t tell if you do it naked either!

For now, I will continue my random acts of weirdness, including my mad skills I have at karate.  Don’t judge.  My karate skills are ninja level.  Just ask Ninja Kitten.  Mad skills I tell you.  At least in my head.  Pretty sure if I were to meet up with an actual ninja, I would either run screaming like a little girl or would die in a matter of seconds.  I would not die in the zombie apocalypse, however.  Just saying.  Let’s leave it at that.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did commit random acts of weirdness but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl with mad dancing, singing and ninja karate skills who will not die in the zombie apocalypse running.  The experiment continues….

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