Make It So….

I’m baaaaackkkkkk!  I know, I have been very absent for like a month.  Sometimes life just gets in the way or I was just too damn lazy to actually sit down and write.  Really I have no good excuse but I am here now.  I could try to come up with one if you would like. Ok….see I was beamed up to the Enterprise and was so excited to meet Capt Jean-Luc in person that my brain tried to explode and then there was this run-in with the Borg and I was almost assimilated and then there was the issue of returning me to my own time.  Does that work for you?  I might have really just shown my inner geekiness with that excuse.  Although my brain might try to explode when I actually meet Patrick Stewart in person at ComicCon in May.  Yes.  This IS happening.  And once, I actually thought I might get assimilated by the Borg when BFF and I went to Star Trek the Experience in Vegas.  I did what any normal girl would do when the Borg was walking towards her.  I screamed and pushed BFF into the Borg path instead of me.  I think she is still bitter about that.  I just didn’t want to be assimilated! But I do love Star Trek TNG….in fact I am listening to a most awesome song that I must share with you.   Make it so.

As for my diet/exercise journey, I am going to start a new leg of said journey.  I am tired of the yo-yo of my weight.  So, I am gonna try a 30 day jump-start with the Biggest Loser 30 day jump-start diet plan.  This does require some planning on my part, which we all know I suck at but I have some time off of work in a couple of days and figure this would be a good time to try it.  I even bought books, exercise videos, a food journal and calorie counter.  Yup.  I am serious about this.  I have been trying some of the recipes off and on for a couple of weeks and they are pretty damn tasty so I think I can do this.  This food plan at least uses real food and not pre packaged processed food or the gross liquid diet I did before my sister’s wedding (I still wonder what I was thinking).  So I really learn to eat healthier and use food I have to prepare myself.  That will be the hardest part for me.  I am just not real into cooking for myself but to get my weight gone I will try anything right now.  Except for surgery or the gross liquid diet.  I just am not into being a patient in my own hospital by choice.  I just don’t want everyone to know how fat I am that I work with.  Scrubs do a wonderous job of hiding that fact from my co-workers and I would like to keep the illusion that I am a struggling skinny person under all that fabric for now.  Pretty sure I am the only one I am fooling but hey…that I ok with me right now. And did I mention how gross that liquid diet was?  Disgusting.  I even renewed my membership to the Y this week so I just need to drag my fat tired ass there now instead of making excuses like I am hungry instead of working out.  Sigh.  That damn love hate relationship I have with exercise.  It is like a necessary evil in my life.  Even now, I have plenty of time before work and after writing to go and do something, but the pull of the couch and the fact that I took a 14 hour coma today might tell you how tired I am!  Pretty sure that is not gonna happen today.  Once I start the BL plan, however, I will have no choice but to exercise 20 minutes a day at least.  It is part of the torture I am gonna put my body through.  Probably will try to do it before I go to bed as I sleep better after working if I try to wind down that way.  Other things work to help me sleep too, but they require either medication or batteries and we just won’t go there.

So, here I am.  Back at blogging and I promise to be more consistent and provide you your daily LOL as one my friends put it.  I hope I succeeded today in brightening your life.  Maybe I will go see how my supply in batteries really is….  Engage.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today. I made a decision to take a different leg of my journey and get back to sharing it with you but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl jump starting the experiment once again running.  The experiment continues…….

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