The Day The Music Died

A sad thing happened to me the other day which actually made an impact on my working out alone….my MP3 player died.  Died so bad I need to have a funeral for it.  Which makes me super sad cuz it was not that old and was working when I went somewhere in the car and then got back in the car and it would not work.  Huh.Thinking it was a mechanical issue like a dead battery, I suffered the car ride home in silence and took it into the house to plug into my computer.  Upon plugging it in, the computer pops up with an error message that says “Cannot read device”.  Well, that cannot be good.  So I did the thing an electronically challenged girl would do….I unplugged it and plugged it in several times to see if the message would still appear.  It did.  Damn.  So then, I thought I would charge it all night and see because at this point, it wouldn’t even turn on.  The screen was just blank.  Next morning, I tried plugging it into the computer.  Now the computer won’t even acknowledge that I have a device plugged into it.  Well poop.  This really does put a damper on working out alone as who wants to go to the gym without inspiring tunes to listen to and I sure as heck don’t wanna attempt to jog without it cuz then SOTL man might actually strike up a creeper conversation. And I am stuck either listening to cd’s in my car or the radio, which around here superiorly sucks.  Not to mention I have a trip planned and to be on a plane sitting next to a stranger without headphones and tunes to drown out their attempt to tell me their life story is frightening.  Do you think I really care about why you are going to Dallas, Mister?  Does this face look like I wanna be involved in your life or sneak off to be a member of the mile high club with you…nope.  Pretty sure.  So unless you are a member of the FBI’s BAU and have some great gruesome stories for me, please do not try to strike up a conversation about the weather in Dallas or your how cute your kids are before you ask me to accompany you to the bathroom.  True story.  I use the tunes to drown out these annoying people who cannot tell I would rather read my book or sleep on the flight.  I should stamp “NOT SOCIABLE” on my forehead.  So I guess I shall have to buy a new one before driving down the hill next week and boarding a plane.  Thank goodness all my awesome tunage is on my computer or I would be even sadder.  That would just rank up there with supreme suckage if I couldn’t access my music either.  As it is, I am sitting here listening to my playlist entitled “Car Jam” right now.  Now picture me jamming in my car to these tunes…pretty sure my Seester and I have perfected car dancing to an art form.  I have also been working on my sweet sitting at my desk blogging in my office in my jammies moves.  Pretty sure.

After a particularly grueling PT session this week….I don’t think she heard me call out the safety word of “pineapple”……..I went to the Y with BFF,  First time in weeks and climbed on the dreaded elliptical.  UGH.  I made it through a 30 minute workout and felt like my legs had been worked out in a much more pleasurable way.  My quads were screaming at me in only a way that they do when certain positions have been tried for a long time if you catch my drift.  (That reminds me….I should go do some girl gymnastics and attack the jungle)  But the point being, I DID it!  With very minimal pain to the ankle or foot and this pleases me immensely.  Am hoping when I see Dr. Will Ferrell on Wed that he clears me for all activity (and hopefully this time he won’t see me in my fat girl panties).  But for now, I am going to attempt to do different workouts since the music box playing thingy is dead.  BFF and I discussed trying Zumba and I am going to start my WII Biggest Loser workouts again along with Just Dance workouts.Just gotta make sure the curtains are pulled so the creeper neighbor doesn’t watch.  I figured since I have been on a Biggest Loser watching marathon on netflix, it was time to put down the Arby’s as I watched and actually maybe start eating better.  Good think about going to visit my Seester this next week is I will get to try hot yoga which I have never done before so that should be a challenge! I have vowed to eat better starting now and really buckle down on this weight thing.  I want to be 6 pounds lighter by the end of the month.  I think that is a reasonable goal and will put me even closer to being under 200.  Currently I am weighing in at 216.8 so if I can weigh 6 pounds less, it will put me at 210.  Even better.  Here goes!

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did have a sad day since the music box thingy died but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl trying to exercise without her awesome tunage running.  The experiment continues….

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  1. Elvie March 3, 2012 / 7:58 pm

    I understand believe me . I have lost my ear buds that I use to listen to music on my phone. It sucks now I actually can’t tune out anyone. Good luck and I know you can do it.

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