Patchouli Does NOT Mask Body Odor

I know…I have been absent for over a week.  I swear I sat several times trying to find something witty to say but just couldn’t.  I think it was because my days just seemed so overwhelming right now.  I had lots going on with work, my other family and trying to study for a certification exam this week.  Not really an excuse not to keep you all entertained, but there it is.  I was freaking busy.  I didn’t even work out except with my dominatrix of a physical therapist.  I did however lose 1.5 pounds this week and I was sure that I had gained because I didn’t make the best choices in food but I guess I did something right.

One of the fun things I did this week was going to a concert of one of my favorite bands Ozomatli.  What do you mean you have never heard of them?  Oh boy.  Seriously…one of the best bands I have ever heard.  It’s really hard to describe their music… take a listen for yourself.

One of my favorites that I cannot help but dance to….I mean you just can’t stay in your seat at an Ozo concert.  Their music is very popular here in Flagstaff so it was no surprise that the theater was packed with people drinking and dancing. However, before the concert even started, BFF and I noticed the permeating smell of Flagstaff in the air…..patchouli oil and body odor.  Contrary to popular belief, patchouli oil does NOT mask the smell of body odor.  Just because you have not taken a shower, does not mean you should ply on the patchouli oil in hope that we cannot smell you.  Believe me when I say, we can.  We can smell the body odor a mile away and all the patchouli oil does is make it even more unpleasant for those around you.  I can even smell the blunt you just smoked over the patchouli oil.  Pretty sure.  BFF’s cousin even commented that she should not have even bothered to shower because she would have fit right in.  True story.  Does it hurt you to take a shower?  No.  Pretty sure it does not but it might hurt those around you as they have to smell you.  Yeah…guy next to us who kept insisting he put his arms in the air while he danced….I mean you.  You are not the Wicked Witch of the West and you are not made of sugar so you will not melt if you were to get into the shower and use some soap.  Novel concept, soap is.  I know this is a hippie granola crunchy lets see how long we can go without taking a shower or washing our hair type of community but please….do not try to cover up the fact that you have worn that shirt for the past week without washing it by putting on more patchouli than should be legally allowed.  Also what should not be allowed is skin-tight sequined skirts with shiny tights and sparkly boots.  Take me back to 1984.  She needed to be ejected from the concert just for her outfit.  It was like a car wreck…we couldn’t stop looking and then she sat next to BFF and it was even worse cuz we could see her up close.  Yikes.  Then after everyone gets dancing, the smell of Flagstaff becomes even stronger.  I think though at that point my nostrils had been singed by the body odor smell and I couldn’t smell anything but the patchouli and the wafting of the blunts that were being smoked in the alley.  Good times.  But seriously if you have not listened to Ozomatli… really should.  So awesome.

Oh yeah.   I didn’t die today.  I might have had my nose hairs singed by the smell of patchouli and body odor but I didn’t die.  I am CLEAN fat girl running who uses soap and dances to Ozomatli.  The experiment continues….


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