Various Ramblings Since I Have The Attention Span Of A Gnat

Ever notice when you are sick, you energy is drained and you literally can stay on your couch for days watching trashy tv over and over?  Yeah pretty sure that was me through the weekend and maybe a couple of other days.  I was feeling pretty sluggish.  Having bronchitis can do that to you.  And I do mean I felt like the slug bug not just run down.  You know, fat and slimy and slow….like this:

  kinda cute isn’t it?  Pretty sure I didn’t look as cute.

I bet when I said slug bug you wanted to run over and punch someone in the arm, didn’t ya?  Come on…admit it….you did! I know I wanted to but I don’t think Ninja Kitten would have appreciated me running over and slugging her.  She might attack me with her fierce Ninja skills.  That I am assured of…she definately has them.  There is a reason her nickname is Ninja Kitten.  Have you ever seen a cat with Ninja skills?  I am here to tell you that they do exist.  She has been know to do this amazing running swipe and spin from under the kitchen table and when you look like WTF was that…she has already disappeared and is planning her next attack move but evidence of her attack is either on your arm or leg.  Ask my BFF and my Bubby.  They have witnessed her powers.  She has mad Ninja skills, I swear.

  Yup…mad skills

Feeling sluggish and being sick did lead to some other mad skills….pretty sure I gained some weight this week due to being on a quadrupled dose of steroids causing me to eat and not sleep.  The not sleeping has led to me being crafty and scrapbooking so making sure my flass has gotten flatter by sitting on it for hours and also to creating the ultimate dream of mine….a craft room.  Yup.  Be jealous.  I have an extra room that has been many things over the years including my Bubby’s bedroom and the ultimate deposit of anything I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it.  Maybe I am a hoarder. Wow…does that show freak anyone else out?  I seriously even see the commercials and am freaked out by it.  Where was I?  Pretty sure I have the attention span of a gnat today…..oh yeah!  Creating my extra room.  Recently, I had a futon in it that I gave to Bubby and his sweet GF that I used for when company came or my god-daughters come but really that futon could not really hold two full-grown adults.  Well, maybe Bubby and his GF since he is about as big as twig around and she is so tiny you could fit her into your pocket.  Look!  A pocket Bubby GF!!!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  And for sure the two little Reds could fit on it but honestly not real people.  So I bought an air mattress for when I do have guests.  So most of the time, since this summer, that room has stood empty with nothing but my old ugly kitchen table in it.  So I finally decided to re-decorate and that has been pretty fun actually.  Actually doing something I want for a room.  It’s a new concept for me.  Truly.

Went and saw Dr. Will Ferrell today and he told me the ankle looks good but I have to keep at physical therapy until my PT releases me.  Pretty sure PT does not stand for Physical Therapist but Personal Torturer.  Have you ever had physical therapy…some days it is nice and we do stretching and massage and ultrasound and some days she is like a prison warden and works me like I am her bitch.  It’s like she cracks her whip and yells at me “Ride the bike, use the exercise ball and please do not drop it on your head while you hold it in between your feet above your head (yup…that happened), now go use this slide board, then go use the plank and then the balance board and then maybe I will let you get a few minutes of rest before I stick needles into your leg and the bottom of your foot (yup that also happened)”.  Seriously.  I feel like I need to have one of those submissive outfits on and bow to her high-heeled feet and do what she says or I will get punished….or am I supposed to like getting punished?  Oh wait…I think that is something else entirely.  And then, just when you think you are done, you get handed exercises to do at home for when you are not there.  Geez!  I know, I know…it is to help.  Dr Will Ferrell said we would discuss running at my next appointment but I have a feeling he is gonna have bad news for me cuz he kinda giggled at me when I asked.  Or maybe he was giggling cuz he walked in on me still changing into those oh so cute little shorts they give you to change into so he got to see my fat girl underwear today.  Yeah.  That happened.  True story.  Pretty sure he was more embarrassed than me cuz I am not modest, but I am sure seeing my fatness didn’t help with the thought of me running.  So for now, as soon as the lungs are ok with working out I will start again but I guess it helps to breath when you work out.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I did embarrass Dr Will Ferrell but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl feeling sluggish and with the attention span of a gnat running.  The experiment continues…..

2 thoughts on “Various Ramblings Since I Have The Attention Span Of A Gnat

  1. Lydia June Thanatos Alamo February 8, 2012 / 10:25 pm

    I’m a pocket girlfriend! 😀 I still love the idea of a Craft Dojo. It is gonna’ be awesome!

    Also, it sounds like you and your PT should come up with a safety word. Lol. I think the safety word can be…pineapple.

    • ladymiryaa February 9, 2012 / 6:04 pm

      You are totally a pocket girlfriend! And you fit in large gift bags! I like the safety word…could have used it today

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