I was MIA…or possibly MIAOMC

I must admit it.  I was MIA from my blog for a bit.  Or maybe I should say I was MIAOMC (missing in action on my couch).  Pretty sure it held me captive for a bit.  The lure of really bad reality tv, the holidays, and work had me quite busy for a bit but I am back now and better than ever….well sort of.  I still am in possession of this wonderous contraption on my foot called the walking boot.  I have an appt with the Will Ferrell doctor on Friday to see if it can come off and I dunno if he will be agreeable to it.  It still hurts pretty good but does feel better some days.  What I am afraid of is that he will do what Porno Doc did and give me some hideous shot into the bottom of my foot.  Why would I dream up this torture?  I assure you I wouldn’t. Will Ferrell actually mentioned it and considering his looks, I had a hard time trying to tell if he was trying ot be funny or not.  I chose not.  Damn.  BFF already offered to go with me but I might have to endure this torture by myself.  I wouldn’t want anyone to see me cry as I am being waterboarded injected into the foot.  I might spill dangerous secrets.  They might find out I am really a spy and have top secret information in my head…kind of like an intersect like Chuck. That would be kinda cool especially if I could just like instantly learn kung fu and whoop somebody’s ass like SOTL man or the dude we shall now name Parking Lot Yeller.  Can you just see me getting my kung fu action on against him instead of keying his car yelling back at him?  It would be wicked cool.  Pretty sure.  Let’s just hope I don’t cry like a big baby.

So the experiment is still on hold obviously but I am attempting to lose weight.  Not doing so good in that arena as well but I am trying.  Ok don’t look at the pizza box in my trash right now and judge me. Every girl needs a pizza delivery chick flick or bad reality tv watching kind of day.  Seriously.  It is a prescription somewhere I am sure.  With all the holiday action I am up in weight just a bit.  UGH.  But I have promised myself that this will be my last year being fat.  And here are some words to live by:

Pinned Image

I leave you today with a promise:  to write more about my journey, no matter how painful or lazy it is!  Promise me you will keep reading.  Now for all of you who have entrusted me with your secrets…..be very afraid

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I might have eaten an entire pizza and some cheesy bread but I didn’t die.  I am fat girl promising not to spill secrets and keep blogging running.  The experiment continues……

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