Facing The Enemy….The Scale

Today is weigh in day for me and my group of weight loss buddies. Darn. That means I have to face my dreaded enemy….the scale. Pretty sure the theme song for weigh in day should be The Imperial Death March from Star Wars because I am anticipating evil things from it. Thank goodness it doesn’t talk back to me. It would totally freak me out if my scale started talking to me in Darth Vader’s emphysema voice telling me how fat I am and to use The Force. Pretty sure I would never step on it again. However, today I knew I had to be accountable to another group of people. So, I waited until I got up for work and was getting ready for a shower. With a glare at my other arch nemesis, the bathroom mirror, I sighed and decided I couldn’t put it off anymore. I mean, I had already pooped and was naked for the shower so what was I waiting for? I got on, hearing the music in my head and looked down. 2.2 pounds down! Woot woot! I even double checked to make sure my sleepy head was not playing tricks on me. Nope. It was correct. SWEETNESS! I did the fat girl dance of joy, making sure to keep it contained to the bathroom since I did not want to be the cause of some poor child’s therapy later in life. And to be honest, that was without trying too hard. I mean I paid attention to what I ate but did not track anything. This week I started using a new app for my phone and online called Lose It! www.loseit.com It allows me to track my food and activity. I was pretty impressed with the list of activities. It even included sexual activity. Not quite sure I would be bold enough to record that activity, but a fat girl can dream. I don’t do all those shaving gymnastics for nothing. It even made me accountable for my breakfast this morning when BFF and I hit Village Inn after working out.

Wait. Did you hear that right? Yup! BFF and I went to the Y and I got my fat flass on the fat jiggling bike for thirty minutes. I really tried not to look at how my fat rolls were moving around as I biked, but it is like an accident you cannot look away from. I even wore a t-shirt thinking that would help but it did not. Only made me feel fatter, like I was wearing leggings with a shirt, something I never do. And I totally wore the wrong panties as they creeped up my flass to settle where they should not be at all. But at least I worked out! So all in all, not a bad day. Maybe I can turn down the Imperial Death March till next week….or tomorrow

Oh yeah. I didn’t die today. I survived facing my enemy another week. I am fat girl with theme music running. The experiment continues….

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