Why I hate my neighbors, the plow guy, and exercise

I am not a fan of winter by any means and really am not a fan of the driving conditions or the clearing of my driveway.  Thank goodness a friend of mine fixed my snow blower because the thought of shoveling one more time the other day made me want to vomit.  Now, I have lots of rentals around me…in fact most of them are rentals and are occupied by college students.  Ugh.  There seems to be an epidemic of the cars growing parked on the street around my house. I am not quite sure who they belong to but am quite sure it is one of the two college dwellings across the street.  I would say on any given day between the two houses there are at least four cars in each driveway and probably three to four cars parked on the street surrounding my house and theirs.  This makes it difficult for me to pull out of my driveway on a clear day.  You see, my driveway is curvy and you really have to angle your car out of it, something I have mastered over the years.  Trying to avoid the cars parked on either side of my driveway and the one parked DIRECTLY behind my driveway is the trickery part.  Who the efff parks directly behind someone’s driveway?  My dumb ass neighbors.  Sometimes I have to make a three point turn to even get out of my driveway.  How freaking ridiculous is that?  Pretty damn if you ask me.  So let’s add to this situation snow and ice.  Do you see where this is headed?

Let’s add to this a street that rarely gets plowed or when it finally does gets crappily plowed.  Pretty sure the plow guys need to go to the Midwest and learn how to plow.  I hate the plow guy.  We all know I cannot stand the fact that I finish clearing my driveway to only have to go back out and shovel more cuz the damn plow left a HUGE pile at the end of the driveway that no snow blower can tackle because it is usually ice.  And knee high ice at that.   Is it unreasonable to ask that the plow actually get close to the edge of the street?  Oh no….they have to leave at least two feet of snow from my sidewalk into the street on either side,  Does this make any sense?  It really makes my street basically a one lane street…now add to that the freaking college kid neighbors who think it is still ok to park on the street in these conditions.  Yeah pretty sure I watched the recycle truck struggle to get through this afternoon.  I was actually rooting for him to hit one of the cars as he attempted to pick up my recycling (it was super full so am really thankful he was able to get it) and then had to back up and re-angle his truck to dodge cars like a skier going through the downhill slalom.  Now picture me trying to get out of my driveway today to run errands.  I was doing ok till I hit the oh so well plowed street with it’s covering of ice and I hit a patch of it.  Mind you, there are cars parked on either side of my driveway and DIRECTLY behind it.  Dumb ass college students.  I am not gonna say I actually hit the truck behind my driveway because I might have just made a few swear words, checked my car for damage and drove off.  What?  If the CSI lab can find chips of my blue paint on the truck then I will admit it.  Or blame the recycle guy…..his truck is blue after all.  I hate my neighbors.

So on the getting fit track, been pretty good about watching what I eat this week.  Except I really do not know how the Skittles and M&M’s got put into my cart or later into my hand.  Curses!  As for working out….well I will admit not so much but am hoping BFF will meet me at the Y after she works tomorrow morning.  I really have to have someone go with me or I can talk myself out of it.  I tried to do an exercise video this morning and thought there was an earthquake happening by the way stuff was shaking in my house…yikes.  And of course I forgot to shut my curtains so I am sure the neighbors got a good show of the fat girl jiggling about her living room.  At least I wasn’t naked.  Exercise truly is something I also hate.  I especially don’t like to look down and see the fat jiggling around as I try moving.  Gross.  Hence why I need to be accountable to someone and meet BFF at the Y to get in thirty minutes.  Maybe I will try running on the treadmill when I go…provided the geiger counters over at the University don’t start going off.  Ugh.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I might have hit a parked car owned by one of the dumbasses across the street but I am not confessing.  I am fat girl jiggling around her living room not naked and hating my neighbors and the plow guy running.  The experiment continues…..

One thought on “Why I hate my neighbors, the plow guy, and exercise

  1. funnyortragic December 9, 2011 / 11:52 pm

    At least your street gets plowed at all. I remember once place I lived in the midwest was never taken care of, and the ice in the middle of the street was so high compared to the tread area of tires it pulled off my muffler. So pissed. But I say do something sneaky to get those kids to move the car. Like train an animal to poop right infront of the passenger door. Bwaaa haaa haa. (that was evil laughter, fyi)

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