Running and Zombies….The Awesomest Idea EVER!

I was at work briefly the other day delivering Avon and a co-worker of mine said the only way she would run is if something were chasing her.  It is in this moment we discovered the awesomest idea for a 5K ever!  I so wanna do it if my body will let me.  This actually tops the Tinkerbell 5K for me but only slightly.  It literally is called the Run For Your Lives and incorporates two things…running and zombies.  How awesome is that?  Seriously.  It is a 5K and an obstacle course, complete with zombies.  Check it out.  I kid you not.  Pretty sure I need to do this one if I can only get my knee and foot to cooperate.  Not only can you opt to be a runner, but you can volunteer to be a zombie.  Pretty sure I am in zombie heaven.  I could so go for this 5K.

For those of you who are unaware, I have an unnatural affection for the undead.  I seriously love zombie movies, shows, graphic novels…everything zombies.  Sunday nights are my new favorite night on TV due to the awesome show The Walking Dead. Having been a fan and owner of all the graphic novels, the show just feeds my need to see undead eat brains.  What?  It’s cool.  I mean, come on….who wouldn’t wanna eat flesh off of live people?  Halloween time on tv is also the bomb as all the zombie movies are shown and they also rock, especially the original Dawn Of The Dead by George Romero.  If you haven’t seen it, you must.  At least I know I will be prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  I have studied how to stay alive.  Have you?  Well, if you haven’t then you will be among the first wave of people to succumb to the flesh-eating walking dead.  I advise you to start your training now.  You never know when the virus will hit.  Pretty sure that the government already has it and is just trying to keep it under wraps.  If you haven’t started looking at survival for the zombie apocalypse then I suggest you find a friend who has.  There are lots of us out there.  We will survive for sure.  Here are some tips for you:

It never hurts to be prepared!  I cannot even begin to understand why or how this fascination with zombies began but truly it is an obsession.  Hence why the Run For Your Lives would be AWESOME!  I just wanna see how adept my skills are at dodging the undead.  I mean, I have to be faster than some of the slow straggler dazed zombies, right?  I mean we know sometimes the Motorized Wheelchair Man beats me in a foot race, but if I were running from something other than SOTL man, I am pretty sure I would run faster than I think.  Especially if what was coming after me was the undead trying to eat me.  I really don’t wanna be a zombie idea of a Happy meal (although pretty sure I am kinda meaty) cuz I definitely am more than Chicken McNugget size.  Hmmmm……maybe this is the key to not being a fatty. Training for the zombie invasion.  Might have to give it a try!

Off to enjoy the trick or treaters now along with the great Halloween movies and spooky stuff on tv!  Enjoy one of my favorite holidays!

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I plotted how to avoid becoming a zombie but didn’t die. I am fat girl avoiding the undead running.  The experiment continues….


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