Stalker In The Woods

Today I decided to go for a walk in the woods behind my house. I needed the quiet to make my to do list in my head as the trip to the Mouse House is tonight. All my exercise the next few days will be spent walking through DL. I swear one of these days I will wear a pedometer while I am there to see how many miles you actually do walk through the park. It’s gotta be a lot. It feels like it when you finally sit on your bed at one am and your feet are throbbing with this little heartbeat in them. The death march is what we called it when we were dragging little ones with us. I am just not one to stop till the place closes.

So there I am walking in the woods minding my own business and listening to some tunes when I look up as I hear someone approaching me. Are you kidding me? Its SOTL man! Really? Out here? I am starting to think he is really some sort of creeper now. He had the yappy dog with him and damn if I didn’t have my chicken bone on me. Ugh. Is he following me when I walk now? I quickly walked past him and hoped he wouldn’t ask me to help him move a couch into a van. He gave me a creeper smile and waved but didn’t try and talk to me thank goodness. When I got home I did make sure to walk a whole different route home so that maybe he couldn’t tell where I lived. It reminded me of when I was a girl and how we would run several blocks away to get ice cream from the ice cream truck. For some reason we didn’t want the ice cream man to know where we lived. Kids have weird logic sometimes but I swear I followed that logic today as well. But at least I went out, right? It was easy to say I would skip it since the couch was tempting me with a reality tv marathon. But I went walking first. Then reality tv!

Ok dear readers, remember no post till Friday. Hopefully the creeper SOTL will not follow us to DL but if I see him there I am pretty sure I will scream and point kind of like the people do in the movie The Body Snatchers. I can be creepy too if he wants. Maybe I will go pee my radioactive pee on his porch as a warning. Then his house will be marked when they come in and find him making his fatsuit and tucking his weiner. Ew.

Oh yeah. I didn’t die today. I am sure I have a stalker but didn’t die. I am heading to the Mouse House fat girl running.

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