The Graveyard Is Up And Running But Not The Fat Girl!

Ever run out of time trying to do things in one day?  I sure did today.  Of course being sucked in by the couch for a while to watch a reality show didn’t help but I had tons to do today.  Day before I go to The House Of Mouse!  That of course entails packing, which I hate.  I am a chronic overpacker.  Truly.  You would not believe how much stuff I bring on a trip.  So I had a to-do list a mile long today and not one of those items included being sucked into that couch for a while.  But it happened.  I still managed to get in a walk today.  I was gonna run, but my neck is still tender and didn’t wanna push it before I leave.  So walking was a good option.  I went this morning again forgetting it was the weekend in my hood.  Sigh.  Meant I really had to be on the lookout for SOTL man.  I tried to go a different route today so that I would not run into him and guess what?  There he was walking his yappy dog.  Great.  I think he now walks my route trying to find the fat girl.  I tried not to make eye contact with him and if he tried to get my attention I did not notice.  I probably seemed like a bitch but that is ok with me.  Better that then being stuck in a hole in his basement.  So running no…but walking yes today.

However, I have now decided I have a creepy neighbor.  Maybe even creepier than SOTL man, although that is pretty creepy.  This neighbor is again well-meaning but we all know how sociable I am with my neighbors.  Pretty sure the only ones I have ever talked to are the boys across the street because they have shoveled my driveway for me before while I was working (great thing to come home to in the am after working all night and it snowing the entire time you are working I must say).  The other night my brother was over with Lola and we put her out in the backyard to go potty.  We heard this barking and wondered if it was her.  Now you must be wondering how we did not know if it was her or not.  Lola NEVER barks.  I seriously have heard her bark maybe twice.  So we both look and could not figure out if it was her or not so we went out onto my back porch.  The one thing I hate about the way my neighbor’s house sits is that his back door is higher than my fence (the land is higher over there) so he can see straight into my backyard.  The creeper that used to live there would sometimes stand at his door and watch me pick up dog poop in the back yard when my Princess Fatty was still alive.  I mean really.  Is that interesting to you?  Do you wanna watch some fat girl pick up dog shit?  Total creeper.  We go outside and it is not Lola but the neighbors yappy little dogs (what is with yappy dogs in this hood?  It’s an epidemic I tell you!) and the neighbor is standing on his little mini deck staring into my yard.  He says “Hello” super loud (it is ten pm at this point) and honestly creeped me and Bubby out so we did not answer so he said it again EVEN louder. Dude.  We are NOT deaf, we are ignoring you!  So I gave a little wave and we went inside rather quickly.  Today, said creepy neighbor was outside and I was pulling out of my drive on my way to sign up a gal to sell Avon. Yes, I am an Avon lady.  He says Hello again, which I can hear because my window is down slightly but I choose to turn up my music in my car louder.  So he says it again EVEN louder while I am driving by.  Again I must repeat I am in my car.  Does he think I have super sonic hearing through the windows?  Maybe this is the super power my radioactive pee has given me.  Could be useful.  And again, I am NOT deaf but ignoring you.  Makes me wonder if I should start doing sign language in front of him so he will quit yelling at me and think there is a poor deaf fat girl living next door to him.  Might be a good idea.  Creepy men in this neighborhood.  Creepy.

Good news though! The Graveyard in my yard is now up and running and creepier than ever!  Bubby and I spent some time tonight putting it up and it looks amazing!  So my house is now ready for my favorite holiday Halloween!  Woo Hoo!!  This makes me want to sing my favorite Halloween song:

This is also to prepare you dear readers for the fact that after tomorrow you will not hear from me until Friday.  The House of Mouse will be occupying my time and I doubt I will have time to write let alone sleep while I am there.  I am sure you can understand!  Jack awaits me there and I might pee my pants if I get to meet Maleficent finally.  She is my ultimate favorite villain and I have heard that this is the only time she is out in the park so cross your fingers for me.  It will be worth a code WP and resulting Chub Rub to meet her.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I got creeped out by the men in my neighborhood but didn’t die.  I am creeped out fat girl running.  The experiment continues…..

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