Lessons Learned With Lola

Despite the rainy, cold weather today, I was determined to start back on the running.  It really took awhile to convince my body to actually get up off the couch from where I was watching a Project Runway marathon and nursing the remnants of a migraine.  But finally I heard a break in the on and off again rain so I quickly changed.  I am currently dog sitting my brother’s dog Lola while he is off cavorting around San Francisco so this idea pops into my head…Why don’t I take her with me?  Now she is not your typical man’s dog.  She is not big and burly. Lola is a Tibetan Spaniel.  She is a purse dog.  I swear it.  My brother has a fruffy little dog.  See?  Here is Lola:

Her and Ninja Kitty are the same size I swear it.  But, I decided to give her a chance to exercise as well as myself.  What made me think that starting back to running with a dog in tow was a good idea is really beyond me but I did.  Lets just say I have some lessons learned today.

Lola has lots of energy and was very excited to join me on the walk/run so started off well because she trotted right along side me while I walked fast.  And to say it was cold out was an understatement.  Should have worn a jacket because pretty sure my nipples could have cut glass.  Only mishap there was when Lola stopped to pee and I kept trying to walk.  Sorry girl…didn’t mean to drag you while you were peeing.  Then, I decided to test out the knee and run. Now the other day at the Y with BFF, I had done the treadmill and run for a short bit but it started to hurt so I stopped.  Plus, BFF really needed to vent and I was afraid I couldn’t hear her over the thundering sound the treadmill was making as I began to run on it.  But, I am determined to see if this experiment will work so I started running.  Lola looked at me like I was nuts but started running right along with me.  She was enjoying it and even looked disappointed when I stopped because my lungs were on fire.  The knee was doing well so I decided after huffing and puffing my way past SOTL house and hoping he was not out (he wasn’t), that I would start running again.  Didn’t realize two things.  First off, that there was another dog in the park I was running past.  Secondly, that Lola would want to go check out said dog and run in front of me.  This led to an event of epic proportions.  I did not notice Lola crossing in front of me until it was too late and my legs and feet hit her leash.  Can you picture what happened next?  Yup.  The fat girl fell down.  And I am not talking a little trip up here.  I might have caused the seismic meters to go off over at the University.  That is how hard I fell.  I am talking full on body contact with the ground complete with sound effects.  If I had been on a hill, it would have looked like this:

I am pretty sure I rolled a few times over and laid in the street for several minutes wondering if anything was broken.  I looked up and there is Lola standing over my face like “What are you doing down there?”  She sniffed me and sat down.  Ugh.  Did I mention it had been raining off and on all day?  I quickly realized I was not only laying in the street but in a puddle.  Great.  Classy.  Slowly, I picked my fat bruised ego off the street and walked home.  Think SOTL might have been peeking at me from his window as I walked past again.  At least he didn’t come out with his tape measure, but pretty sure I saw the blinds shifting.  That would have been the topping on my humiliation cake.  Because remember I said there was a dog in the park? It had owners.  And there were teenage witnesses to my pain.  Yup.  I fell full on body contact with the ground while running in broad daylight.  Genius.  Lola tried to convince me to run again as we walked home, but my humiliation was even furthered by the fact that I looked like I peed my pants from falling in the puddle.  So I quickly walked my soggy cold looking like I needed Depends self home and headed for a full body check in my bathroom.  Nothing broken.  I just sit here with a bruised ego and knees.  Ahhhhh….the things you learn while trying an experiment.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  It felt like it when I fell and pretty sure my ego took a HUGE hit.  Good thing I am fat so I protected my bones while I fell.  I am soggy fat girl falling while running with Lola.  The experiment continues….

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