Who Says I am Easily Distracted….Squirrel!

Distractions can be a good thing.  We use them on peds a lot with patients.  If you can distract a kid while doing something painful, then you have made it a lot easier on both you and the kid.  Distractions can be harmful.  They can lead us to make mistakes in our lives.  I am easily distracted.  To say I have ADD sometimes is an understatement.  Things flit in and out of my brain…Pooh Bear, remember? I might have something earth shattering to tell you and get distracted by lets say the bowl of fresh homemade guacamole that has just been put in front of me.  Seriously.  Easily distracted.  I was distracted today.  The couch beckoned to me, luring me with the promise of a nap before work if I would just watch one more episode of that show I was watching on netflix.  That one episode turned into several and here I am.  Distracted.  What?  You say there is a sale on shoes?  Ok I am so there.  See….easily distracted.  Since the knee is still hurting and I have to work tonight (got unexpectedly called off last night so got to rest) I decided to let my distraction take over today and try the experiment tomorrow.  Don’t be disappointed in me because I did have a revelation about this whole getting healthy thing.  Sometimes it’s ok to be distracted and sometimes it is not.

Remember how I said my cupboards were bare and I needed to go shopping?  After I got called off, I did just that.  I went grocery shopping.  With a list of healthy items on it.  Which I promptly forgot in the car.  See, I was distracted by the song I was singing along to and didn’t notice until after I had gotten in the store that I had left it.  Oh well.  I don’t need a list!  I can do this.  WRONG!  Wait…how did that ice cream get in my cart?  Where did that frozen pizza come from? Who snuck in those cookies?  Ugh.  I am so not good at shopping without a list.  My inner child took over and did the fat girl shopping.  Damn.  And because I was distracted by my thoughts of whatever I was thinking of at the time, I did not notice till I was checking out.  Or did I?  Hey…in my defense there was some healthy things in there like yogurt and fruit and Weight Watchers frozen meals.  So not ALL Bad.  Speaking of eating healthy (yes this is a tangent.  See! Easily distracted!) take a minute and read my other BFF, Wendy and her husband Jerry’s blog http://ourjuicingjournal.wordpress.com/ and follow them as they try to eat healthy as well.  I know, shameless plug.  But they have some good ideas and thoughts as well on the subject.  It will make you think and laugh.  I especially loved yesterday’s entry about cheese.  I love cheese. Squirrel!

Where was I?  Oh.  Distracted.  The other thing I noticed is that I need some new shoes.  This was a good distraction.  New kicks.  I love shoe shopping.  Why?  Ok, if you have to ask why you must not be a fat girl.  Go on…look in any fat girls closet.  What do you see?  Lots of shoes.  Wanna know why?  Shoes NEVER make us feel fat.  Shoes always fit.  They always make you feel pretty and they never go up in size.  Shoes are a wonderous thing to a fat girl.  I love shoe shopping.  I could shoe shop all day.  I decided to go look at shoes.  And promptly got distracted by the peep toe kitten heels I saw begging me to try them on.  Oh they were glorious.  I once bought this pair of fantastic purple strappy high heels just because I could not get them out of my mind.  I kept coming back to them over and over.  Did I have anything to wear them with?  Of course not!  Did I need a reason to buy them?  NO!  Did I buy them? Of course!  But I did look over new running shoes.  And here is where I got distracted.  How do you choose?  Every brand has it’s style.  They all advertise different things that make them special.  Just try typing in running shoes into your search engine.  Holy way too many choices batman! I knew two things I wanted in my running shoes.  They must be comfortable.  And they must allow me to run very fast in case I need to out race that Racing Boy or run from the creepy Silence of The Lambs van.  Hmmmmm.  Too many choices and look!  There is a sale on jeans!  Ohhhhh!  I need more of those!  See what I mean…easily distracted.  I did walk for a bit today.  To the fridge and back.  No….just kidding.  I did walk in the hood to warm up my knee for returning to the experiment tomorrow and hope it doesn’t hurt.  You know what I hate though about even walking sometimes. Those looks you get from your neighbors.  You know the ones.  The ones that say “Oh look!  The fat girl is attempting to get healthy!  Good for her!  She needs it, poor thing”  It’s this mix of pity and support and really one I can do without.  So all you skinny bitches today that were walking with your strollers and gave me that look and then proceeded to whisper about me when I passed, screw you.  At least I am out here.  And next time, I will send Motorized Wheelchair Man after you! Or chase you down the street in my new running shoes waving my Crazy Cat Lady stick.  I may not look like you, but at least I am trying.  I will hold my head high and turn my music up louder as I run past you this week.  Cuz I AM fat girl running.

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die today.  I am easily distracted fat girl walking today.  But I am out there.  Watch out!  The experiment continues….


3 thoughts on “Who Says I am Easily Distracted….Squirrel!

  1. andshelaughs September 7, 2011 / 6:08 pm

    Keep at it!!! I started running a month ago, even though all of my friends laughed and said that it wouldn’t last….I’m not just trying, I’m doing it, and so are you. Good on ya’ girl!

    • ladymiryaa September 8, 2011 / 5:53 am

      Thanks so much for the encouragement! Some days are harder than others!

  2. jer1971 September 7, 2011 / 7:09 pm

    Thanks for the props! Love what you are doing!

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