And God Said Let There Be Rest….

Here is my attempt to get out of bed this am.  OUCH!  Follow that with a few swear words (Damn.  The window was open.  Sorry neighborhood children unless you are the Racing Boy.  Then I am not sorry) and I am sure you can guess how my knee feels today.  Of course, I tried to convince myself it was nothing.  That it would go away.  Why?  Because this is what all good nurses do as a patient.  Seriously.  We make the WORST patients.  We never take our meds like we instruct our patients to do and most nurses I know will go to work sick or hurt and not give our bodies the rest it needs.  We think we are impervious to illness.  Plus, we are the caretakers. I HATE being taken care of when I am sick.  I am one of those people who cannot stand to be waited on.  Here’s a prime example.  After my breast reduction, I was not to lift anything the first few days.  At the time, my brother lived with me and my sister came out to stay with me to help out.  My BFF decides to come by to see how I am doing.  What does she find upon pulling into the driveway?  Me taking out the trash.  Whoops!  I promptly got yelled at by her and my siblings, yet nobody could understand that the trash smelled and NEEDED to go out.  Was I the only one who could smell it?  Hello!  Trash.  Stinky.  Needs to go outside.  I was not about to ask someone to do this when I was perfectly capable…right?  And when I injured my knee the first time, the first thing I asked my doc was “Can I still go to DL?”  Not “What can we do to fix this?” or “Do I need surgery?”  He just laughed (his wife being a nurse) and made sure to tell my BFF that I HAD to ride in a wheelchair.  There was no telling me I was not going to go on a trip to DL after all.  So you see…bad patient.  To say I was limping around my house this morning was an understatement.  But today I knew my own limitations and decided to take a break from the experiment, mostly because I have a trip planned next week with my Mom to Memphis and I don’t wanna be in my orthos office asking if I can go on vacation again.  That coupled with the thought of twelve hours at work tonight (and the couch begging me to come sit on it) made me decide to rest my knee. Well, I guess rest in that I did not run or walk today.  Because I know I won’t get much rest on it at work. In fact, I laugh at that thought.

Remember how I decided I was gonna eat healthy as well during this experiment?  Well, despite my inner fat girl’s best efforts to thwart this plan with fry bread and a cinnamon roll as big as your head (yum nummies), I decided to clean out my pantry yesterday of everything that was bad for me to eat.  Result?  Empty pantry.  Seriously empty.  My inner fat girl is now sobbing as she thinks about the chips and other goodies that I got rid of.  It is a little bleak.  Guess this means I will have to go grocery shopping, which I detest.   Why is it I always seem to go grocery shopping when I am hungry?  Mmmmm.  That box of donuts looks yummy.  Just put one in the cart.  That’s not so bad.  Oh hey!  Ice cream.  On sale!  What a bargain!  And look here….chips!  And thus, when I finish shopping it looks like my two god-daughters have run through the store placing all of their favorite foods, complete with mac and cheese, in my cart.  I really do eat like I am in elementary school.  Yesterday I tried to be so good and cooked up some fresh veggies and ate them.  Today my digestive system hates me.  It is answering back with a great big WTF and I think my co-workers should stay away from me tonight.  Nothing like fresh broccoli to make your belly mad.  Ew.  And I can say it takes less than 24 hours for corn to pass through my digestive system. Just saying.

So dear readers, today was a rest day in the experiment and I must say I missed running.  Wait.  Did those words just come out?  Did I say miss exercise?  Hold the fat train!  Pretty sure my inner fat girl has never felt that way before.  She might be sobbing again as she said those words and asking me for a donut at the same time.  Pretty please?  But I did.  I actually missed it and kept thinking that this knee needs to get better cuz I have a chicken bone to tie to me as I run through the neighborhood next time.  Come here Precious!

Oh yeah.  I didn’t die cuz I didn’t run.  I am limping fat girl non-running today.  The experiment continues….


3 thoughts on “And God Said Let There Be Rest….

  1. Brandy September 6, 2011 / 11:01 pm

    My BFF sent me to your blog and I have to say it is great! You are doing wonderful. Like you I am asthmatic and have gained some weight. I am goign to start running again. Thank you!!!

    • ladymiryaa September 6, 2011 / 11:05 pm

      I am so glad you like it and thank your BFF for sending it to you! BFF’s make it easier to do anything! Join me….get moving!

  2. Shellie Koeberlein September 7, 2011 / 6:29 am

    Rest that knee. Eating healthy is a process too. I changed one thing at a time, baby steps. You can do it!

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